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Viking Lotto results

The popular European lottery Viking Lotto is a game of chance which was started in 1993 by 5 countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Later in 2000, these countries were joined by Estonia which enabled the lottery operator to increase the raffled jackpots and the secondary prizes. Currently, the hosting countries list 8 European nations. Please find below the latest Viking Lotto results as well as the detailed rules review and other handy info.

Country Finland
Numbers to Guess 6 from 48
Additional Numbers 2 from 42
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 12271512
Next Jackpot 3684438
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How does it work?

How to choose Viking Lotto numbers? The draws are held once a week on Wednesday in Hamar (Norway). To try luck in this lottery each player has to choose 6 Viking Lotto numbers from 1 to 48 as well as 2 additional numbers from the same range. Winning the jackpot requires matching 6 main Viking Lotto numbers while 2 additional numbers are accountable for the secondary prizes only. The peculiar feature of this lottery is the so-called Lucky Number which delivers the bonus Lucky Number jackpot if matched with any number in the winning combination. There are 5 prize divisions in this lottery totally.

It is also worth mentioning that the lottery name may differ depending on the hosting country. Namely, it is known in Denmark as Onsdags Lotto or Onsdagslotto (translated as Wednesday lotto). It is called Víkingalottó in Iceland and Vikingu Loto in Lithuania.

Part of the generated ticket sales revenues is allocated for the local social development in the hosting countries. The major part of the money is used to finance sports development and support disabled people. Finland, for example, donates it for science, arts and youth development.

Playing Viking Lotto online

In line with the rapid Internet technologies development, this lottery can be now played both over-the-counter and online by anyone aged 18 or over. It is no longer a problem if you live beyond the above-mentioned hosting countries as you can buy tickets for Viking Lotto online using one of the numerous web services. It may be somewhat challenging to choose the online lottery agents, then the reviews at LocaLotto.com will come in handy for you. Choose one or several agents meeting your expectations best and good luck! Playing Viking Lotto online is not different from playing it at the lottery shop.

Viking Lotto results

How can one find out Viking Lotto results? The latest Viking Lotto results (Finland) are updated online once a week several minutes after the draw. It goes without saying that the online services offer the fastest and the most convenient way to keep up with the lottery updates. Optionally you can check Viking Lotto results (Finland) watching the draw on TV. The draw takes place on Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. (GMT) and is broadcast in all the 8 hosting countries. The winning Viking Lotto numbers are announced on the local radio and are published in the newspapers.

Winning odds

The lottery jackpot winning odds are estimated as 1 : 12,271,512. The chances to match 5 of 6 main Viking Lotto numbers are 1 : 1,022,626, while that to win the third and the fourth prizes account for 1 : 48,696 and 1 : 950 respectively. Please find below the list of prize categories and winning chances depending on the matched winning Viking Lotto numbers.

Prize category

Matched numbers

Winning odds



1 : 12,271,512


5 + 1

1 : 1,022,626



1 : 48,696



1 : 950



1 : 53


Viking Lotto jackpot records

The biggest Viking Lotto jackpot of 216.12 mln Norwegian krone (NOK) or about €23 mln was scooped in May 2013 by the player from Troms.

The second biggest Viking Lotto jackpot was reported on 18 January 2012. Accounting for 189.7 mln NOK (€20 mln) the prize was split between 4 lucky players from Norway. The winning Viking Lotto numbers were as follows: main numbers: 23, 25, 26, 31, 36, 45; bonus numbers: 13, 18; and 45 for the Lucky Number. According to the rules, the main prize is increased when the Lucky Number matches one of those in the winning combination.

The previous jackpot record of 63,243,500 NOK (€8.5 mln) was set by the Norwegian player from Austrheim.

In August 2005 it delivered 48,221,393 Danish krone (€6.4 mln) jackpot for the player from Aarhus (Denmark).

Earlier in 2010 the player from Norwegian city Skedsmo won 46,491,896 NOK (€6.2 mln).

On 5 January 2005, a Danish player was lucky to hit Viking Lotto jackpot of 42,205,648 NOK (€5.6 mln).

The main prize in this lottery on average starts from €480,000. The prize increases every time when there is no winner. The same goes about the above-mentioned Lucky Number jackpot. Check Viking Lotto results (Finland) online to keep up with the latest developments.

Claiming prizes

The prizes won in this lottery are paid out in a lump sum. The prizes are to be claimed within a year after the draw date otherwise the winnings will be declared canceled. Still, these regulations can vary depending on the hosting country. Be sure to check it if you buy the tickets at the retail outlets. On the other hand buying tickets for Viking Lotto online will save this trouble. This will be done for you by the online lottery agent. The prizes (except for the jackpot) will be credited to your personal account. Play Viking Lotto online! To take a chance to become a millionaire.