Ukraine lotto results

No matter how strongly you are devoted to your national lotteries, sooner or later your curiosity will prevail and you will try playing some of the foreign lottos looking for the new experience and the better winning chances. Undoubtedly enough, Ukrainian lotteries such as MegaLot and Super Loto can be singled out of many other “candidates” both for the good chances to win and fairly big prizes. The number of people playing them worldwide is a good proof. So if you decide to play one of them or both our site will prove handy for you. It provides the latest updates of the winning numbers, full reviews as well as the reference links to the websites offering tickets for the aforementioned Ukrainian lotteries online.


Date Numbers
Ukraine - Megalot Ukraine February 19 2020
Ukraine - Super Loto Ukraine February 19 2020
Ukraine - Keno Ukraine February 18 2020
05 06 11 12 13 15 22 27 39 45 47 48 51 54 59 60 63 65 74 76
Ukraine - Lotto Maxima Ukraine February 16 2020
09 23 27 29 38
Ukraine - Lotto Triyka Ukraine February 18 2020
3 1 3

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