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Thunderball results UK

The latest Thunderball Numbers Online. British National Lottery Thunderball lotto is based on the Powerball lottery format developed in the United States of America (mind that Thunderball and Powerball results are different). The two lotteries have similar structure and rules. Developed by UK National Lottery, British official lotteries operator, Thunderball is currently run by the Camelot company. The lottery's key characteristic feature is a guaranteed grand prize set at £500,000 (about 778,000 American dollars). Be swift to try your luck in this lottery, play and check the latest Thunderball results online.
Part of the lottery ticket sales revenue is sent to the fund of its managing company Camelot which in its turns uses the raised money to cover the administrative costs and to donate charity organizations. The game's format implies choosing the 5 main Thunderball numbers from the guess range of 1 to 39 as well as 1 additional number, the so-called Thunderball which is accountable both for winning the jackpot and the secondary prizes. Players may increase their cash prize size if matching one of the winning combinations and the Thunderball.

Latest Thunderball results, January 19 2022 (2 days ago):

05 12 16 17 38 03

Thunderball results, January 18 2022 (3 days ago):

11 17 19 22 27 03

Thunderball results, January 15 2022 (6 days ago):

04 11 13 24 39 09

Thunderball results, January 14 2022 (7 days ago):

14 15 18 29 33 07
Country Great Britain
Numbers to Guess 5 from 39
Additional Numbers 1 from 14
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 8 060 598
Next Jackpot 683650
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How does it work?

Players may choose between several Thunderball numbers selection options. They may select their lucky Thunderball numbers manually (in such case you can make use of Thunderball results history), get them automatically generated at random (Quick Pick) or use their favorite Thunderball numbers for several draws in advance (My Numbers).
British National Lottery Thunderball totally offers 9 prize categories. Winning the grand prize set at 500,000 pounds requires guessing all the 5 main Thunderball winning numbers and the bonus Thunderball which is also accounted for the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th prize categories. Irrespective of the number of winners, everyone matching the 1st prize combination will get £500,000.

Playing UK Thunderball

UK National Lottery Thunderball is available for any British citizen aged 16 or older. The age limit for the online game will be 18+. With numerous lottery sales services provided online, this lotto game is also available for any lottery player around the globe irrespective of his actual location. All you have to do is to contact the online lottery sales service and choose your Thunderball numbers. The ticket will be purchased on your behalf by the service representative in Great Britain. The e-copy of the ticket and other related information will be accessible online via your personal account. All you have to do next is to wait till UK Thunderball results publication.

Latest Thunderball Results UK

The latest Thunderball results (UK) are available after the draws carried out 3 times a week at 10.30 p.m. (GMT) on Wednesday, at 10.35 p.m. on Friday (GMT) and at 8.30 p.m. (GMT) on Saturday at Camelot's headquarters in London. All the 3 draws are broadcasted live on BBC One. Apart from the latest Thunderball results (UK) at our website, you can find Thunderball winning numbers, upcoming jackpots and draws dates as well as UK Thunderball results history. The tickets can be purchased over the counter at the official retail outlets throughout the country or on the Internet using online lottery sales services. Remember, the ticket sales are closed 3 hours before the draw starts and are resumed soon after the latest Thunderball results (UK) are published.

Winning odds

UK National Lottery Thunderball is also widely known for the fair winning odds. The chances to win anything in this lottery are estimated as 1 in 29 (even matching no main Thunderball winning numbers – just the bonus ball). The chances to win the jackpot are reported to be higher compared to other popular and similar lotteries around the world. To find more about the winners and winning combinations check UK Thunderball results history at our site. Find below the list of Thunderball prize categories and odds depending on the matched combination of Thunderball winning numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + Thunderball

0.000012 %

1 : 8,060,598



0.00016 %

1 : 620,046


4 + Thunderball

0.0021 %

1 : 47,415



0.027 %

1 : 3,647


3 + Thunderball

0.07 %

1 : 1,437



0.9 %

1 : 111


2 + Thunderball

0.74 %

1 : 135


1 + Thunderball

2.86 %

1 : 35



3.45 %

1 : 29


Record Jackpots

Thunderball held its first draw on 12 June 1999. Then the lottery's format implied a single weekly draw on Saturday, narrower guess range of 1 to 34 Thunderball numbers, the smaller jackpot of £250,000 and no prizes for matching one number. Starting from 9 May 2010 the game evolved into the new format. The operator introduced new prize categories and increased the grand prize to £500,000. In this way, it hiked the overall winning chances somewhat decreasing the grand prize winning odds. Still, this lotto game is still attracting more and more players from the United Kingdom and other countries around the globe.

Claiming prizes

Thunderball lottery prizes are to be claimed within 180 days from the draw date. Otherwise, all the unclaimed prizes will be declared canceled and will be handed over to the British charity “Good Causes Foundation”. To find more about the winners and winning combinations check UK Thunderball results history at our site. All lottery cash prizes are tax-free in Great Britain. So do not miss any draw, play and check UK Thunderball results online.