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SuperEnalotto SuperStar results

Winning Italy SuperStar numbers online. SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lotto is a fascinating supplement to Italian SuperEnalotto lottery implemented by the operating company Sisal as a bonus to the main game debuting on 28 March 2006. SuperEnalotto SuperStar is aimed to increase prizes automatically in every prize category of SuperEnalotto along with increasing the corresponding winning odds. For instance, if played with SuperStar, SuperEnalotto jackpot will add additional €2 mln, the second prize will be increased by € 1 mln, other secondary prizes will increase from 25 to 100 times which is not possible playing SuperEnalotto alone. SuperEnalotto SuperStar offers 8 prize categories in addition to the 5 available in SuperEnalotto so that players may count on winning prizes in 1 of 13 prize categories 3 times a week. Take a chance to win millions pay and check SuperEnalotto SuperStar results online.

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Country Italy
Numbers to Guess 6 from 90
Additional Numbers 1 from 90
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 56 035 316 700
Next Jackpot 137345161.6
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SuperEnalotto SuperStar results are available after the draws held in Rome on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8.00 p.m. (UTC +2). Find below the comprehensive SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery review to see it is worth trying your luck.

How does it work?

SuperStar lotto draws are held along SuperEnalotto draws so that SuperStar results and those for SuperEnalotto will be published the same day. The first raffle drum draws the 6 main numbers and the so-called SuperEnalotto's Jolly number, then the second drum picks up one of the SuperStar numbers.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar lotto uses a double matrix of 6/90 + 1/90. That is players will have first to choose 6 main numbers (and the bonus Jolly number) from the guess range of 1 to 90 and then 1 of SuperStar numbers from the separate guess range of one to ninety. To play Super Enalotto Super Star you will have to tick the “SuperStar” box on SuperEnalotto ticket.

Winning SuperEnalotto SuperStar 1st prize requires matching 6 SuperEnalotto main numbers as well as 1 of the SuperStar numbers. The lucky player will get 2 mln Euro additionally to SuperEnalotto jackpot amount.

Apart from the jackpot, there are another 12 secondary prize categories. Interestingly enough, you can win a cash prize in SuperEnalotto SuperStar lotto matching just 1 of the so-called SuperStar numbers and no SuperEnalotto main numbers.

SuperEnalotto jackpot starts at 1.3 mln Euro and is rolled over to the next draw if there is no one to match the SuperEnalotto jackpot winning combination and one of SuperStar numbers. In case you are lucky to win the top or the second prize playing SuperEnalotto + SuperStar you will get respectively the additional 2 mln and 1 mln Euro.

If you are pressed for time or just do not want to bother choosing the 6 SuperEnalotto main numbers (+ the Jolly and one of the SuperStar numbers) yourself then you may use an automatic number generation feature available in SuperEnalotto SuperStar lotto.

Super Enalotto Super Star is priced 2 Euro including 1 Euro for 2 SuperEnalotto standard lines and 1 Euro for the SuperStar option.

Playing SuperEnalotto SuperStar

Formerly you would have to be Italian or to go there to try your luck in winning the astonishing jackpot of SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery. The lotteries were not that popular on the international market as it was too expensive to go abroad to play one or another lotto even though there was a chance to win a big sum. Traditionally every player went to the shop, bought the paper ticket, crossed the numbers and checked SuperEnalotto SuperStar results later. The approach was changed when the lotteries were introduced online. The format itself hadn't been changed much. Still, it became more convenient and opened access to the foreign lottos for players from all over the world. Just comply with the age limit of 18 years and go ahead.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Results

SuperEnalotto SuperStar results are made public after the draws taking place at once after SuperEnalotto draws in Rome on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8.00 p.m. (UTC +2). There are several ways to check SuperStar results.

SuperStar results are available on Sisal and Lotteria Italia official websites immediately after the draws.

You can also find out SuperEnalotto SuperStar results at any local retail outlet or watch the live broadcast on Sisal TV or go to the corresponding Teletext page.

Besides you may as well go online and visit LocaLotto.com to get recent updates of SuperStar results and those for other popular lotteries played around the globe in addition to other interesting info. Importantly enough, this information is available 24/7.

Winning odds

SuperEnalotto SuperStar offers 8 prize categories in addition to the 5 available in SuperEnalotto so that players may count on winning prizes in 1 of 13 categories 3 times a week.

You can win in SuperEnalotto SuperStar matching just 1 of the so-called SuperStar numbers and no SuperEnalotto main numbers.

Obviously enough, choosing the SuperStar option you will stand a chance to win a much bigger jackpot and other secondary prizes. See the table below listing the SuperEnalotto SuperStar prize categories and the corresponding winning combinations, odds and cash prizes. Find below the winning odds breakdown (SS – Super Star number).


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


6 + SS

0.000000002 %

1 : 56,035,316,700


5 + Jolly + SS

0.000000011 %

1 : 9,339,219,450


5 + SS

0.0000009 %

1 : 112,520,716


4 + SS

0.00009 %

1 : 1,071,626


3 + SS

0.0034 %

1 : 29,404


2 + SS

0.05 %

1 : 1,936


1 + SS

0.33 %

1 : 303



0.72 %

1 : 138


Record jackpots

Up to date SuperEnalotto SuperStar largest jackpot accounted for the astonishing sum of € 177,729,043.16 and was claimed on 30 October 2010. It was reported as the 3rd largest jackpot in the history of European lotteries.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar second biggest jackpot reached € 147,807,299.08 and was won on 22 August 2009 by the lucky lottery player from a small town of Bagnone in Tuscany. So do not waste a chance to become richer play and check SuperStar results online.

Claiming prizes

If you are lucky to win any of SuperEnalotto SuperStar prizes you will have to address Sisal company (the lottery operator) which will pay it as a lump sum. You will have 60 days to claim it at the retail outlets and 90 days to get the winning at the company's main office in Milan or Rome.

Depending on the actual sum the money is to be claimed differently. If the winning is up to Euro 520.00 then you can get it at any Sisal shop in Italy (the network consists of about 45,000 outlets). If it is between Euro 520.01 and Euro 5,200.00, then you will have to address the exact shop which sold the winning coupon.

Sisal runs a number of special outlets which pay out the prizes of Euro 5,200.01 - Euro 52,000.00. The list is available at Sisal site. And finally, to claim the prizes exceeding Euro 52,000 (usually the jackpot) you will have to go to Milan or Rome to the company's main office and present the original lottery coupon. The average jackpots won in this lotto account for 100 million dollars. Winning SuperEnalotto SuperStar online you will be notified by the agent and provided any required assistance.