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Is the lottery website StoLoto scam and fake or legit and trustworthy? Please find below StoLoto review which is aimed to assess the site's services as well as to help players to make their choice in favor or against this online lottery agent. StoLoto website makes a positive impression offering a wide selection of Russian state lotteries subdivided into categories: draw-type, bingo games, instants, quick games.


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StoLoto review: General Info

The review is expected to help players to answer the following questions: Is StoLoto trustworthy enough? What backs StoLoto legit standing if anything at all? Isn't StoLoto scam? Are there any complaints on StoLoto fake actions, scam mailing or anything of the kind? Still if you are already familiar with this agent you can just have a quick look at StoLoto review summary.

Naturally enough, before registering, providing personal info and starting spending money, everyone would like to know whether StoLoto trustworthy enough or whether the reputable image of StoLoto fake.

The offered draw-type lotteries list Gosloto 5/36, Gosloto 6/45, Gosloto 7/49, Sportloto 6/49, Rapido, Russian Loto, State House Lottery and Keno-Sportloto.

As the name suggests, the instant lotteries allow players to find out results immediately. StoLoto website instants are “All-around lottery”, “The peak of success”, “Sporting season”, “Sport without limits”, “Happy scratch lines”, “Sport festival”, “Ice figures” and “Let's go!”

The mentioned lotteries are available for the citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Belarus aged 18 and over as well as for the foreigners staying in the mentioned countries. StoLoto website features a so-called lottery horoscope allowing to get the lotto predictions according to the star sign. For those preferring the traditional lottery format the website offers a list of the closest lottery retail outlets.

We have not found too many negative feedbacks or complaints about StoLoto scam mailings or other related frauds. The offered games are Russia's state lotteries which backs StoLoto legit standing. StoLoto legit status online is secured by Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web.

StoLoto review: How does it work?

In the lotteries selection menu you may choose bets starting from 20, 30 and 50 RUB. What does it mean? For instance, playing the standard Gosloto 6/45 entry line requires choosing 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 45. It will be priced 50 RUB. However you can increase their winning chances choosing more numbers in 1 entry line: 7 numbers and 8 numbers per entry will cost 350 and 1,400 rubles and so on. The maximal numbers selection per entry:

- Gosloto 6/45 - 19 (1,356,600 rubles);
- Gosloto 5/36 - 12;
- Gosloto 7/49 - 16;
- Sportloto 6/49 - 17.

Sportloto 6/49 deserves a separate mention. The winning combination in this game features 6 balls including the so-called bonus ball. The lotto drum first draws the 6 main lotto balls and then the bonus ball. The possible winning combinations are: 6 main lotto balls + bonus ball; 6 main balls; 5 main balls; 5 main and 1 extra number.

To start using StoLoto website you will have first to complete the sign-up. The tickets purchased at the retail outlets are not to be registered online. The data will be automatically submitted to the lottery provider server and will be registered for the draw.

StoLoto review: Syndicates

Lottery syndicate/pool is a group of players (friends or relatives, for instance) who team up to increase their chances to win. At the pool can make the systematic bets (choosing more numbers in 1 entry) as well as buy tickets for several draws in advance:
- up to 20 draws for Gosloto5/36;
- up to 9 draws for Gosloto6/45, Gosloto 7/49 and Sportloto6/49.

Sto Loto tips on setting up a lottery syndicate:

1) Find the single-minded reliable and faithful players as far as the won prize will be paid out to one person who will have to split it equally between the pool members. You can team up with your friends or family member or find people via the social networks;

2) Choose your syndicate head who will be responsible for collecting money for the tickets, safe-keeping the tickets (in case they were purchased over the counter), claiming the won money and splitting it between the pool members;

3) Determine the participation fees, the number of tickets to be purchase and the amount of additional numbers to be chosen;

4) Draft the syndicate agreement to protect each member's rights.

StoLoto review: Draw results

To find out the latest lottery results go to the respective tab in the upper menu.

StoLoto review: Claiming prizes

Is StoLoto trustworthy or fake in terms of payments? The money claiming options depend on the chosen participation format. The prize can be requested within 180 days from the draw date.

If your bet is made online then you will not be able to claim the prize in the retail outlet. If you participated in the SMS lottery you will have to complete the online registration form specifying your phone number and the prize will be credited to your account.

The prizes of 1 million and up to 10,000 RUB are to be claimed at the lotto head office and the meeting has to be arranged beforehand.

Claiming secondary cash winnings:

- prizes up to 1,000 rubles will be credited to the player's personal account;
- prizes of 1,000 to 2,000 rubles can be claimed at the retail outlets;
- prizes over 2,000 RUB are to be claimed at the special prize payment centers.

StoLoto review: Special offers / bonuses

The website has a special offer: invite a friend and get a ticket for free. This means that inviting a friend to via the social network or email who completes the registration and makes a 50 RUB bet within 3 days, you will get a free Gosloto 5 / 36 bet.

StoLoto review summary

StoLoto review summary is destined for a quick look for those already familiar with this site or just having no time to read the whole review. The most topical questions concern StoLoto legal background, complaints about StoLoto fake actions or StoLoto scam mailing as well as StoLoto trustworthy status. Sto Loto offers a wide range of the state Russian lotteries. The registration procedure requires the mobile phone number needed to receive the registration confirmation code. The accepted phone numbers list Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Belarus. Apart from the traditional draw-type lotteries the site also offers bingo games and instant lotteries. We have not found complaints on StoLoto scam mailing or other related frauds. The provided games are Russia's state lotteries which backs StoLoto legit standing. There is nothing unusual about the draw-type lotteries game-play. Still it is not the case with the instant lottos where the numbers are generated by computer, which is a bit suspicious. You will never know for sure whether StoLoto trustworthy enough or whether the reputable image of StoLoto fake until you try it. All in all, the site makes a positive impression. We hope StoLoto review summary will be of help for you.


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