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Is Social Lotto Pool scam and fake or legit website? We have drafted the detailed review both to assess the offered services and to help players to make a decision as for to play here or not. So what backs Social Lotto Pool legit standing? The website is owned by SmartCents LLC head-quartered in Arlington, Texas, USA. The website administration can be reached via the online chat, by phone or email. We have contacted it by the specified email and got a swift response to our question.


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1 from 4 1 in 8 NY Cash4Life Review
1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

Social Lotto Pool review: General Info

The review is expected to help answering several questions: Is Social Lotto Pool legit agent? Isn't Social Lotto Pool scam? Are there any suspicions on Social Lotto Pool fake identity? The key points are singled out in the review summary at the end.

The key figures of this project are the website founder and software architect Eric Bowler, designer and ticket purchase manager April Bowler, market and business development specialist Aaron Carpenter as well as the ux-engineer and assistant Lauren Macchiavello.

At this website you can try luck only in the lotto pools (lottery syndicates) available for Mega Millions, Cash 4 life, Power Ball and Money Ball. SocialLottoPool team states their site is one of the best lottery resource providing tickets online. The system clocks the purchase; the agent buys the ticket, makes an e-copy and sends it by email with all the related details. The sales of lotto pools participation shares are closed 2 hours before the draw. After the results are available, the site agent sends a notification emails to break the happy news in case of winning.

Lotto Pools format is different from the standard syndicate format which implies equal sharing of winnings. The winning depends on the amount of purchased participation shares. For instance, there are 50 tickets available totally, the 1st player buys 40 tickets (80% of shares), the 2nd player buys 10 tickets (20% of shares); if the winning amounts to $100 they will get $80 and $20 respectively. Even though that was your ticket that turned out to be the lucky one, your cash prize will depend on your participation share.

The website uses 256-BIT SSL encryption so that you do not have to worry about your personal data security. Social Lotto Pool legit status and security online is ensured by Google Safe Browsing. We have not found complaints about the scam mailing or Social Lotto Pool fake actions or any other malpractices. Anyway always be vigilant, any crook can use the name “Social Lotto Pool”, fake some emails and try to deceive the trustful players. The key review points are listed in the review summary.

How does it work?

Playing in syndicates at the website is very easy:

1) It formerly offered several monthly subscription plans: Elite, Sapphire, Silver or Gold which were differently priced and provided different bonuses. They were priced $10, $20, $50 and $100 respectively. The first monthly subscription was fully refunded. Currently the approach is a little different. They canceled the subscriptions stating that was little unfair to charge fee from those failing to win anything. So that they introduced the 10% winning royalties. For instance the syndicate of 2 players won $10, then the broker will receive $1 and each of them will get $4.50 instead of $5.

2) Choose the lottery you like most out of the 4 offered: Mega Millions, Cash 4 life, Power Ball and Money Ball.

3) After making your choice and paying up the purchase, all you have to do is to wait for the draw date and draw results (the original coupon will be purchased by the website's representative).

At the “How it works” page you can set up your own syndicate or join the existing one clicking respectively “Create a pool” or “Play in pools” buttons. You can register at the site using a standard form or your Facebook account.

Social Lotto Pool review: Syndicates

The games offered at can be played only in syndicates.

Social Lotto Pool review: Draw results

To get the latest updates click “Lotteries” tab to get the list of games featuring the winning numbers and the amount of the sold tickets in the pool.

Social Lotto Pool review: Claiming prizes

Is it reliable or fake and scam in terms of pay-outs? It will credit the prizes up to $600 to the winners' accounts. The prizes over $600 will be paid out by check. The syndicates claiming over $600 will have to fill in the special IRS TAX Form available at the site.

Social Lotto Pool review: Special offers / bonuses

The site currently has no special offers and bonuses.

Review summary

In the review above we attempted to make an unbiased assessment of the offered services which would help the lottery fans to answer a number of topical questions: Isn't Social Lotto Pool scam? Is it a legit lottery agent? Are there any suspicions on Social Lotto Pool fake identity? The website offers an excellent opportunity to buy a lottery syndicate participation share in this way saving some money and increasing the chances to win. It used a monthly subscription format which was changed recently. Adhering to their motto “Let's win together” they stopped charging monthly fees as far as there are players failing to win. They introduced the 10% royalties instead. SocialLottoPool provides the e-copy of the purchased lottery tickets so there are no reasons to worry about their authenticity. offers only 4 lotto games which can be played only in syndicates: Mega Millions, Cash 4 life, Power Ball and Money Ball. You can both set up your own Lottery Pools or join the existing ones. The resource boasts rather high popularity among the players. There are many regular users there. They state that on average they pay out $134 for every 671 lottery tickets. We do not question Social Lotto Pool legit standing. We have not found any scam related complaints. Still the opinions on whether it is worth playing here or not have split. As many people as many views. We hope the review will help you to make a decision just taking a quick look.


  1. e-copy of the purchased lottery ticket
  2. fast support service response