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Check winning SiVinceTutto numbers. SiVinceTutto lottery was included to the list of Italian national lotteries (Lotteria Italia) by Sisal company on 27 April 2011. The name is literally translated as “win all”. The lottery founders initially aimed to create a lotto game which would complement the existing SuperEnalotto lottery. Compared to SuperEnalotto, Si Vince Tutto jackpot and secondary prizes are the set amounts granted straight away every draw. Starting from 30 November 2011, Sisal company (SiVinceTutto lottery operator) changed the game's format introducing the 5th prize category. From then on players could win matching only two lottery numbers. The latest SiVinceTutto results are available after the draws held each last Wednesday of the months at 8.00 p.m. (UTC +2) at Sisal headquarters in Rome. Find below the detailed review of this Italian lotto game to see it is worth trying your luck!

Country Italy
Numbers to Guess 6 from 90
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 622 614 630
Next Jackpot 2231788
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How does it work?

Si Vince Tutto and SuperEnalotto share the similar format. The lotteries use the same guess range or matrix which is 6/90. In other words, the raffle drum draws 6 SiVinceTutto numbers out of 90 possible while players have to match the 6 SiVinceTutto numbers drawn from the guess range of 1 to 90.

Hitting the jackpot requires matching all 6 winning SiVinceTutto numbers making up a lottery winning combination for the particular draw. Apart from the jackpot, the lottery offers another 4 prize categories with thousands of cash prizes. To win anything in SiVinceTutto lottery players will have to match at least 2 winning SiVinceTutto numbers.

SiVinceTutto lottery jackpot is a set guaranteed amount of € 2 mln as opposed to SuperEnalotto's grand prize rolled over for the next draw every time there is no winner and increasing until it is finally claimed by the lucky winner. On the other hand, Si Vince Tutto will be distributed among winners in lower categories. Take a chance to become richer play and check SiVinceTutto results online.

Thus playing the lottery is fairly easy: choose SiVinceTutto numbers yourself or get them quick-picked to save your trouble and time using a random number generator and wait for the latest SiVinceTutto results. Priced just € 5 SiVinceTutto lottery ticket may pay off millions.

Playing Si Vince Tutto

Earlier SiVinceTutto lottery ticket sales were confined solely to the territory of Italy. In other words, they could be purchased only by the Italians and the foreign players staying or visiting the country. Everyone had to visit his or her local lottery shop to buy the tickets or to check SiVinceTutto results later. This changed with the lottery services expansion over the Internet market. The 2 conditions to play online include the access to the Internet as well as the compliance with the age limit set for the players and accounting for 18 years as you can be asked to prove your age and identity when claiming the big sum.

Latest SiVinceTutto Results

The latest SiVinceTutto results are available after the draws carried every last Wednesday of the months at 8.00 p.m. (UTC +2) at Sisal headquarters in Rome. There are several ways to check SiVinceTutto results. The winning SiVinceTutto numbers are available on Sisal and Lotteria Italia official web pages soon after the draws.

You can also find out SiVinceTutto results at any Sisal retail outlet (including SuperEnalotto) or watch the live broadcast on Sisal TV or on the corresponding Teletext page. Besides you may as well go online and visit our web page to check SiVinceTutto results just in several clicks. Importantly enough, this information is available around the clock any day of the week.

Winning odds

Si Vince Tutto winning odds are like those for SuperEnalotto (and SuperEnalotto SuperStar) except for the 2nd prize category. In SiVinceTutto players have to match only 5 out of the 6 main winning SiVinceTutto numbers in contrast to 5 main + 1 bonus number in SuperEnalotto. Find below the winning odds breakdown depending on the matched combination of SiVinceTutto numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000000161 %

1 : 622,614,630



0.00008 %

1 : 1,235,346



0.008 %

1 : 11,907



0.306 %

1 : 327



4.55 %

1 : 22


Record jackpots

SiVinceTutto all the time largest jackpot was reported on 27 April 2011 reaching €24 mln. Then the jackpot size was increased to mark the launch of the new lotto game by Sisal and Lotteria Italia. From then on SiVinceTutto is a fixed amount of €2 mln as the lottery format envisages no roll-overs at all. So do not miss a chance to become richer play and check the latest SiVinceTutto results online.

Claiming prizes

All SiVinceTutto lottery prizes will be paid out by the lottery operator as a lump sum. SiVinceTutto winners have 60 days and 90 days at their disposal to claim prizes at the retail outlets or Sisal headquarters in the Italian capital, Rome.

The prizes of up to 520 Euro can be received at Sisal retail outlets across the country (there are 45,000 outlets totally). The sums of 520-5,200 Euro can be claimed exactly in the retail shop which sold the winning ticket.

The bigger sums of 5,200-52,000 Euro are paid out only by the specially authorized outlets (the list is available at Sisal website). You will have to visit Sisal offices in Milan or Rome to receive the prizes over 52,000 Euro. The original ticket will also be required.

On the other hand winning SiVinceTutto lottery online you won't have to worry about the mentioned prize claiming issues. The online lottery service will save your trouble. Even if you decide (or have) to go to Italy to receive the winning, it will provide the professional assistance.