Russia lotto results

Apart from the online lottery agents reviews, LocaLotto provides the latest winning numbers for more than 50 largest lotteries from around the world. Russian Gosloto 6/45 is one of those games as it is the country's flagship lotto boasting the continuously increasing popularity both at home, the CIS and even overseas among Russia's expat community and the foreign lottery players. GosLoto 6/45 draws take place throughout the week, while the prizes can be claimed over the span of 180 days from the moment they were made public. Thus checking results online as well as having access to the past results archive would be very practical. The two options are available at LocaLotto, so keep updated online and you won't miss anything. Choose some lotto agents and go ahead!


Date Numbers
Russia - Gosloto 6/45 Russia September 20 2019
Russia - 6 out of 36 Russia September 15 2019
02 11 15 17 33 35