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The latest Brazil Quina numbers online. Started in 1994, Brazil Quina lottery has been attracting more players and becoming one of Brazil most popular lotteries offering independent number selection as opposed to other lotto games played there. Most Brazilian lotteries used to generate lottery numbers for the tickets automatically which for obvious reasons dulled the players’ interest to them. Furthermore, Brazil Quina lottery operators represented by Caixa Company offered players better chances to win holding draws 6 times a week which was rather a rare format for the global lottery industry. The lottery's success is as well backed by the jackpot often reaching several millions of US dollars. The tickets sales revenue is allocated in the following way: 33% are destined for Brazil State Development Foundation, 40% are used for the administrative expenditures and the remaining 27% become part of the prize pool. Try your luck to become the lottery winner, play and check Brazil Quina results online.

Latest Quina results, January 20 2022 (for yesterday):

11 15 42 73 74

Quina results, January 19 2022 (2 days ago):

05 38 41 52 59

Quina results, January 18 2022 (3 days ago):

01 15 23 50 53

Quina results, January 17 2022 (4 days ago):

36 51 55 66 76
Country Brazil
Numbers to Guess 5 from 80
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 24 040 016
Next Jackpot 1001408.8
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How does it work?

Let's study the game-play process in detail. Brazil Quina lottery rules are very simple implying choosing 5 Brazil Quina numbers from the guess range of 1 to 80. In the case of 100% match the player wins the grand prize accounting for at least 400,000 of Brazilian reals (or about 200,000 US dollars). Just like the case with the similar lotteries, the jackpot rolls over for the next draw if there is no one lucky enough to match the 5 Brazil Quina winning numbers. The game sets no restrictions on the number of roll-overs and jackpot amount.
Apart from the jackpot, you may count on winning one of the two additional prize categories requiring matching up from 3 Brazil Quina winning numbers. The cash prizes will depend on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners in each category.
In order to avoid any kind of the game-play confusion and create an appealing atmosphere, the operators did their best to make the Brazil Quina numbers selection process as easy as possible. In this way, one of the easiest and most common features is Manual Selection when players can count solely on their intuition or deliberate calculation. Using the second feature Quick Pick players will rely just on their luck getting their Brazil Quina numbers automatically generated for the entry.

Playing Brazil Quina lottery

Anyone living in Brazil of 18 years and over can play Brazil Quina lottery with tickets available in numerous official retail outlets throughout the country.
And what are the players living in other countries supposed to do should they decide to play Quina? With the rapidly developing of the web technologies they now have a unique opportunity to play the lotto from any part of the globe which requires just an Internet access and a valid bank card. Using online lottery services you become a potential multi-million Quina prize winner without leaving your house or office. Spending just several minutes to study the rules you will have only to fill in the lines and who knows maybe that would be your lucky ticket.

How to Check Brazil Quina Results

The latest Brazil Quina results are available after the draws carried out 6 times a week Monday through Saturday at 8 p.m. (GMT) which is surely to the players' advantage: playing the lottery more frequently they increase their chances to win. The latest Brazil Quina results will be also available at our website minutes after the draw. Tickets are available every day with sales closing 3 hours before the draw and resuming immediately after latest Brazil Quina results are published. The drawn Brazil Quina numbers and news are available on our website.

Winning odds

Quina lottery offers 3 prize categories. Naturally enough the odds for winning the top prize are lower compared to that for the secondary prize divisions. Find below the odds and Brazil Quina winning numbers required for every prize category offered:


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.00000416 %

1 : 24,040,016



0.0016 %

1 : 64,106



0.12 %

1 : 866


Record jackpots

Although the minimal jackpot size set for Quina lottery accounts for 400,000 reals, usually it exceeds several million due to the constant roll-overs which back the lotto’s popularity among the lottery players. It was back in 2010 when Quina jackpot reached its record-breaking 10 mln reals (about $5.7 mln). In summer Quina carries out an additional game “Quina de Sao Joao Super Draw” occasioned with the traditional carnival and offering astonishing jackpots. In 2012 it delivered 80 mln reals (about $40 mln) and in a year the top prize reached 90 mln reals (about $45 mln).

Claiming prizes

Quina lottery winners have to remember to claim their prizes within the 90 days period after the draw. Otherwise, all the unclaimed prizes will be sent to the National Educational Foundation of Brazil. All Quina cash prizes are paid out immediately as a lump sum. Still, players have to notice that they are taxed which makes 13.8% of the sum won. So do not miss a draw, play and check Brazil Quina results, keep up with Brazil Quina numbers online.