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Canada Quebec Banco results

The purpose of our team is to help our readers always stay aware of the latest news and trends in the world of lotteries. In particular, we are glad to offer a review of Canada Quebec Banco, a lottery that we do believe is worth your attention. When preparing the review, we were trying to cover all the game-play aspects that might be important to an average player, especially as far as Canada Quebec Banco results are concerned. Enjoy your reading!

Latest Canada - Quebec Banco results, January 3 2022 (13 days ago):

05 08 09 10 11 13 15 18 19 33 34 40 45 46 48 59 65 67 68 69
Country Canada
Numbers to Guess 2-10 from 70
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 2147181
Next Jackpot 155626
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General information about Lotto Quebec Banco

This is Canada based lottery game that was launched in September, 1989, or 32 years, 4 months and 1 day ago. Banco Quebec is currently available only in Quebec. This is a widely popular lottery, but it has still always been known as Banco Quebec. The game-play format wasn’t changing since the game was launched. The lottery is operated by Loto-Québec. In case you want to know more about Loto-Québec, here is their official website: https://loteries.lotoquebec.com/en/home. Canada Quebec Banco results may be found there as well, by the way. As for their support service, Loto-Québec can be reached via the following contact details:

- Toll-free number: 1 866 611-5686

- E-mail: [email protected]

- Prize Claim Office: 500 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC  H3A 3G6

Keep in mind that players must be 18 or over to play.

Check Canada Quebec Banco results

Canada Quebec Banco results are aired right after the drawings that take place in the headquarters of Loto-Québec in Montreal. At the moment, draws are held seven times a week. To be more precise, they are held on each day of the week, at 10:30 p.m (Eastern Time). The numbers are drawn using the Computer Random Number Generator. In case you were curious, the first ever draw was held on September 15, 1989, or 32 years, 4 months and 1 day ago.

How it works: picking up Canada Quebec Banco numbers

The currently applied format is as follows: 2 to 10 / 70. As you can see, players are to choose from 2 to 10 main Canada Quebec Banco numbers from the range between 1 and 70 Canada Quebec Banco numbers.

Lotto Quebec Banco winning odds & prize categories

The lottery currently offers nine prize categories. The amount of the top prize is fixed, which means that Banco Quebec is not the one to bring you a record-high jackpot. For now, it accounts for CAD $200,000 (for a $1 wager with 10 numbers). Luckily, the fact that the jackpot is quite modest is compensated by indeed high winning odds! As shown by official estimates, the odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 2,147,181. In particular, you will have to correctly guess all the 10 Canada Quebec Banco numbers. For more information, please look at the table below:

Type of wager
Odds of winning
10 / 10
1 : 2,147,181
9 / 9
1 : 387,197
8 / 8
1 : 74,941
7 / 7
1 : 15,464
6 / 6
1 : 3,383
5 / 5
1 : 781
4 / 4
1 : 189
3 / 3 
1 : 48
2 / 2
1 : 13

The overall winning chances, in turn, are 1 in 13. As you can see, the list of prize categories is not full as it only includes cases of matching all the numbers the player was trying to match. If for instance they try to match 9 numbers, but eventually match only 6 of them, they anyway receive the prize.

Lotto Quebec Banco prices

The minimum cost of playing is $1, but there are also $2, $5, and $10 wagers. An important thing to mention is that players have an opportunity to increase their winning odds using the lottery’s multiplier feature, namely Turbo option, that allows players to increase their prizes by x 1, x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5 or even x 10. A good news is that there is a chance to win an extra prize if to take part in Banco special, an add-on game that is played at the same time as each Banco draw, as the numbers drawn are the same as those in Banco (20 numbers from 1 to 70). The potential prizes and winning odds are higher than in the main draw, as you might have guessed. In Banco special, players have a chance to win up to CAD $1,000,000.

Hot and cold Canada Quebec Banco numbers

The lottery’s most often drawn numbers are 06, 18, 26, 44, 03, and 30. The cold, or the least frequent numbers are 33, 25, 69, 40, 36, and 28.

Payouts of Lotto Quebec Banco prizes

Keep in mind that Banco Quebec jackpot can only be paid out as a lump sum. It can be claimed at one of the operator's offices in person. Prizes of other categories may also be claimed at one of the offices or prize centers, as well as by mail. Amounts under CAD $600 can be received at lottery retailers. A great thing is that Banco Quebec winnings are tax free. One more thing to take into account is that all the prizes are to be claimed within one year from the day of the draw or otherwise the winning ticket expires, regardless of Canada Quebec Banco results.