Last updated on August 27, 2018

LocaLotto Privacy Policy

Please carefully read the Privacy Policy page to gain an understanding of how we process the information you share with us. In particular, you will find out how your personal information is collected, stored and protected.

By using this Site, you consent to our privacy terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of them, you must stop using our Site.


The purpose of this page is to inform you what particular information we collect from you and how exactly we process it. With reference to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other information privacy laws, processing refers to how personal information is collected, stored, transferred, used, and modified.

The team of is doing our best to ensure privacy and integrity of your personal data. We believe that the visitors of our Site should have an opportunity to know how we may use their information and how it is going to be protected. You can find a detailed and comprehensive overview below.

We emphasize that our Policy complies with the latest provisions of the GDPR and other data privacy laws. Below you can find a detailed explanation of your rights and responsibilities in terms of controlling access to your personal information, as well as sharing such information with web service providers.

English and Translated Versions

If you are reading our Privacy Policy in a language other than English, you agree with the following:

– English is the official version

– Non-English versions are provided for your convenience only and must not be treated as an agreement

– In case of any inconsistencies between English and non-English versions, the English version prevails

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may occasionally change the Privacy Policy to make it compliant with the relevant data privacy regulations, as well as modifications in the ways we process and store your personal information.

We strongly advise you to regularly check this page for any information updates.

Personal Information We Process

Below you may find a list of types of personal information we are now collecting about you or we may collect in the future (in case of any modifications to the Site):

– Name and contact details
– Date of birth, gender, age
– Nationality
– Marketing and analytics data
– Information obtained from the third parties
– Information you share with us when using the contact form

We collect and process this information for the following purposes:

– Verification of your identity
– Security assurance
– Providing visitors with suggestions as for relevant content and information
– Assistance to legal authorities (in case of requests for certain types of data)

Information of these types can be stored in our database to provide you with an access to relevant content and features in the future, as well as enhance user experience and website performance. Data we will be using to modify our Site will not be personally identifiable.

We do not require you to provide personal information of other types in order to have access to general information available on our Website.  

Sources of Personal Information

Personal information may be collected as explained below:


Type of data

Lawful basis

Leaving a message on Contact Us page

Name, Email, 


Performance of a contact with you

Rating lottery agents

Name, Email

Study of how customers use our products and services

Browsing the website

IP address, Browser type and version

Study of how customers use our products and services


Why We Need Your Personal Information

We collect and process your personal information in order to:

– Provide you with the relevant content and services
– Update our records
– Follow the latest data privacy regulations
– Comply with legal obligations and protect public interests
– Conduct the market research and analysis
– Assess and enhance the performance of our Site

Sharing Your Personal Information with the Third Parties

In order to give you an opportunity to express your opinion about lottery agents, we provide a rating form on our Site. When using it, you reveal some personal data, particularly your name, email, and IP address.

Personal information you share with us may eventually be provided to third parties like governmental and regulatory bodies.

Pay attention that our Site includes links to third-party websites, plug-ins and applications. Clicking those links may allow third parties to collect your personal information. This is beyond our control and we emphasize that we are not responsible for their Privacy policies. We recommend you to read Privacy Policy of every website you visit after you leave our Site.

Withdrawal of Consent

You have an opportunity to withdraw you consent for processing your personal information. In order to do so, please contact our team via a form on the Contact Us page.


Cookies are small files (or pieces of code) that the browser you use places on your computer to give you an access to websites. Cookies make it possible for the information that is being gathered on the web to be stored and used in the future. This allows the websites to load faster, as well as enhances your user experience by making your next visit more personalized.

Cookies may last for a particular period of time or until you get them removed from your system.

We are using cookies for the following purposes:

– To track the website usage
– To check if a message we displayed has been viewed
– To obtain information from surveys and poll answers you provide

Please be aware that we may also collect information we receive from the requests made by your browser. To be more precise, this may include your location, IP address, Internet service provider, and the type of software you are using. Later on, we may use this information to enhance our Website, particularly its design, load speed, general performance, and so on.

Third-Party Advertising

From time to time we may carry out third-party advertising campaigns. Depending on the nature of the ads or these campaigns, we may automatically collect some information about the viewers with the use of cookies and other technologies.

Still, personal identification is not possible and we will continue to adhere to the above-mentioned Policy of sharing visitor data with the third parties.

Data Processing outside the EU

As long as our Website is hosted outside the European Union, some of your personal data may be processed outside the EU member states as well. Within the context of the latest updates in data privacy regulations, visitor data obtained from a country within the EU could be processed beyond its boundaries.

We once again emphasize our commitment to protect the privacy and integrity of your personal information, as required by the GDPR.

Data Retention Period

We retain your personal information for as long as is necessary, but only for the relevant purpose that we collected it for. We can use it to make a claim or defend ourselves in case of a legal proceeding.

Your Rights under Personal Data Protection Laws

The GDPR and other personal information protection laws guarantee certain rights to every Internet user. As of May 2018, web users are entitled to the following rights and protections:

– The right to be informed about how your personal information will be collected and processed

– The right to have your personal information edited or removed from our database upon request

– The right to object to the methods of personal information processing

– The right to limit the processing of personal information

– The right to request a copy of your personal information stored in our database

– The right to be forgotten

In case you have any objections or questions, please feel free to contact our support service.