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Powerball Results South Africa

The latest Powerball Numbers Online. Powerball South-Africa has been operating since 2009 and is rightfully regarded one of the country's and the whole African continent most popular lottery games. Donating revenues to the South African charity organizations, Powerball's impressive jackpots back the lottery's popularity among the players while the bigger offered prize pool pose alternative competition to the existing lotteries there. Powerball South-Africa has already made over 60 players the lucky lottery millionaires. Powerball South-Africa is nowadays available for any player from any part of the world via the online services which for obvious reason hikes Powerball popularity both in Africa and globally. So do not miss a chance to become a millionaire, play and check the latest Powerball Results South Africa online. Keep up with Powerball winning numbers on the web. So how does Powerball South-Africa work? It is slightly different from its counterpart in the United States of America as it offers narrower guess range.

Country South Africa
Numbers to Guess 5 from 45
Additional Numbers 1 from 20
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 24 435 180
Next Jackpot 7283980
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How does it work?

The operator uses 2 separate drums to pick randomly Powerball winning numbers. The first drum draws the 5 main Powerball numbers from the guess range of 1 to 45 (as opposed to 1-59 range in the US version), the second drum draws one of the additional Powerball numbers, the so-called Powerball, from the guess range of 1 to 20 (as opposed to 1-35 range in the US version). Players can opt to choose their Powerball numbers manually and fully rely on their luck getting them automatically generated.

Winning cash prizes in Powerball South-Africa requires matching at least one of the main Powerball winning numbers and the Powerball. To win the lottery's jackpot they will have to match all 5 Powerball winning numbers and the Powerball. The lottery totally offers 8 different prize divisions. It is worth mentioning that Powerball South-Africa guaranteed jackpot is set at 3 mln rand (about $250,000). In case there is no one lucky enough to match the full combination of Powerball winning numbers, the grand prize will be rolled over to the next draw. The game sets no limits as for the number of roll-overs and the jackpot size which ensures the rapid prize pool growth. Still, the rule covers Powerball's main prize only. If there are no winners in the secondary categories the cash prizes will be distributed among the winners in the lower divisions. In this way, there is a possibility to win huge cash prize even if matching fewer numbers than it was required.

Playing Powerball South-Africa

Powerball lottery is available for any South African aged 18 or older through the network of the official retail outlets as well as online services. They are available any day of the week with sales closed at 9 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday about half an hour before the draw starts. Even living abroad you can play Powerball South-Africa using online lottery ticket sales services. All you need is little time and the Internet access. Irrespective of your actual location, online services offer a chance to become Powerball South-Africa lottery winner. You will have to choose your lucky lottery numbers and then the ticket will be purchased on your behalf in the SAR. Remember, played online or over the counter, this lotto is only available for those aged 18 or older.

Latest Powerball Results (South Africa)

The latest Powerball results (South Africa) are available after the draws held two times a week on Tuesday and Friday at 9.30 p.m. local time (UTC +2). The latest Powerball results USA and SA are also available online immediately after the draw. Visit our page to find out the number of winning tickets and dividends won, the upcoming draw dates and jackpots as well as other data about this famous lottery gaining increasing popularity on the online market.

Winning odds

So what are the chances to win in Powerball South-Africa? The lottery's winning rates for the last and the top prizes are estimated respectively as 1 in 50 and 1 in 24,435,180. Find below the list of prize categories and odds, depending on the matched Powerball winning numbers.


Prize category

Match (main Powerball numbers + bonus ball)

Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + Powerball

0.000004 %

1 : 24,435,180


5 + Powerball

0.00008 %

1 : 1,286,062


4 + Powerball

0.0008 %

1 : 122,176



0.016 %

1 : 6,430


3 + Powerball

0.03 %

1 : 3,133



0.6 %

1 : 165


2 + Powerball

0.4 %

1 : 247


1 + Powerball

1.9 %

1 : 53


Record Jackpots

Powerball South-Africa record jackpot was reported on 3 June 2011 and accounted for $11.8 mln.

Claiming prizes

Playing the game is easy, but a ticket, check off your Powerball numbers and wait for Powerball results. What are you to do in case of winning in Powerball South-Africa? Players can claim their prizes over the span of a year after the day of the draw. The unclaimed prizes will be declared canceled. All lottery wins are tax-free in SAR.

If playing and winning Powerball South-Africa online, you will be notified by email and get the money credited to your personal account, which can be further transferred to your bank account or used for the future draws. If you were so lucky to win the jackpot, you will be contacted by the lottery sales service representative to choose the most convenient way to get your money. Take a chance to become another lottery millionaire, play and check the latest Powerball results South Africa online, keep up with Powerball numbers on the web.