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Powerball results USA

The latest USA Powerball numbers online. Powerball is one of the most popular lotto games in the United States of America hosted in 44 states. Initially, the game was presented solely in those states where the USA Mega Millions lottery was not available. That is why over the span of 1992 and 2009 Powerball had been played only in 23 states.

That was until Powerball and Mega Millions reached the agreement on the harmonic co-existence across the USA. Take a chance to become another lottery millionaire, play and check the latest Powerball results USA online. The game implies choosing 5 Powerball numbers drawn by the 1st raffle drum from the guess range of 1 to 69 and the bonus number (Powerball) drawn by the second raffle drum from the guess range of 1 to 26.

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Country USA
Numbers to Guess 5 from 69
Additional Numbers 1 from 26
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 292 201 338
Next Jackpot 278000000
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How does it work?

Winning the jackpot requires matching all the 6 winning Powerball numbers. The game additionally offers a so-called Power Play feature allowing winners to increase any original prize size other than the jackpot. Players will be charged an extra fee if choosing the Power Play option which can increase the cash prizes amounts 2-10 times.
USA Powerball totally offers 9 prize categories with the guaranteed fixed cash amounts except for the jackpot requiring players to match the 5 main winning Powerball numbers and the bonus ball.

Playing USA Powerball

Using the web lottery sales services any player around the globe can buy Powerball ticket online and take a chance to win a mind-boggling jackpot. You do not even have to leave your apartment to try luck. All you have to do is to go online, choose Powerball numbers and wait for the publication of the latest Powerball results USA.
Powerball lottery ticket sales are closed about an hour before the draw and are resumed soon after the latest Powerball results USA are published. Mind the different time zone in different states and be sure to check the exact sales closing time in your state. It goes without saying that keeping up with the winning Powerball numbers online is the best solution.

Latest Powerball Results USA

The latest Powerball results USA are available after the draws carried out two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday in Orlando, Florida at 11.00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone (UTC -5:00). Americans can watch the draws live on the local TV channels. From time to time the operator may change the venue to hold the draws. Do not worry if for some reason you missed the broadcast, the latest Powerball results USA will be updated at our website seconds after the draws.

Winning odds

USA Powerball winning odds (for the last and the top prize) are estimated respectively as 1 in 55 and 1 in 175,223,510. The minimal jackpot is set at $40 mln and is rolled over every time there is no one lucky to match the grand prize winning combination. USA Powerball operator sets no limits as for the number of jackpot rollovers so that it will be growing uninterruptedly reaching astonishing sums until there is a winner. Prizes in other categories are the set amounts. Find below the list of the lottery prize categories and odds depending on the matched winning Powerball numbers.


Prize category

Matched Powerball numbers

Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + Powerball

0.000000342 %

1 : 292,201,338



0.000009 %

1 : 11,688,054


4 + Powerball

0.0001 %

1 : 913,129



0.0027 %

1 : 36,525


3 + Powerball

0.0069 %

1 : 14,494



0.17 %

1 : 580


2 + Powerball

0.14 %

1 : 701


1 + Powerball

1.09 %

1 : 92



2.63 %

1 : 38


Record Jackpots

USA Powerball ever largest jackpot of $1.56 bn was reported in January 2016 and split between the two lucky players from Arizona Missouri. The lottery's biggest jackpot claimed by a single player was won on 7 May 2016 in New Jersey and accounted for $429.6 mln. You can also check the winning Powerball numbers history online.

Claiming prizes

The lottery prizes are to be claimed within 90 days from the draw date (this may somewhat vary from state to state). When playing online you will be notified immediately about any win so that you do not have to bother checking Powerball results USA yourself and worry about the prize claiming period expiry. In most American states Powerball is available for those aged 18 or older, although there are states setting the age limit at 21 years. To play the game online players must be 18 or older.

All lottery prizes are subject to taxation in America. The tax rates may vary from state to state, so be sure to specify the tax regulations in the state where you wish to try luck in Powerball lottery. Do not miss any draw, play and check the latest Powerball results online. Be lucky to win 100 million dollars.