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Ontario 49 results

The latest Canada Ontario 49 winning numbers. It is a lotto game operated by Ontario Lottery corporation and available only for the local players. It uses the same format as another local lottery Million Dollars. The lottery offers millions in prizes and holds draws two times a week on every Wednesday and Saturday. It was launched in 1997 by Ontario Lottery corporation. The lottery ticket was then priced 50 Canadian cents. This is a classic lotto game and one of the 6 lotteries offered by Ontario Lottery&Gaming. Two times a week players have a unique chance to play this lottery just for 50 cents which may pay off millions. The lottery uses a 6/49 matrix. The 6 Ontario 49 winning numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday in Toronto at 9 p.m. local time (UTC -4). The lotto's jackpot is a set amount which can be split between several winners. Try your lottery luck online, play and check Ontario 49 results online.

Country Canada
Numbers to Guess 6 from 49
Additional Numbers 1 from 43
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 13 983 816
Next Jackpot 1589408
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How does it work?

It is a 6/49 matrix lotto game. In other words, players will have to choose 6 Ontario 49 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 49. To hit the jackpot you will have to match all main Ontario 49 winning numbers.

After the 6 main Ontario 49 numbers are drawn the raffle drum picks up the 7th bonus number accountable for the secondary prize categories only.

Apart from the jackpot, it offers another 4 prize categories requiring players to match 5 main Ontario 49 numbers + 1 bonus, 5, 4 and even 3 main Ontario 49 numbers.

Only for 50 cents you get a chance to try your luck in this game which may turn you into a millionaire.

Just like UK National Lottery and Euro Millions lotteries offering automatic numbers generation feature called Lucky Dip, Ontario lotto has a similar option called Quick Pick. You will save your time and trouble instantaneously quick-picking the 6 Ontario 49 numbers.

Playing the game

Not that long ago only the residents or tourists visiting Canada could play this lottery as the tickets were available only over the counter on Canada's territory. Still currently you do not have to go to Canada or even leave your apartment to try luck in this game. It is now available online for any player aged 18+ from any part of the world. Age is the only restriction as the identity confirmation document may be required to get the cash prize. Playing the game is easy: choose the online lottery agent, make your Ontario 49 numbers selection and wait till the draw.

Latest Ontario 49 results

What is the best way to keep up with Ontario 49 numbers?

The latest Ontario 49 results are available after the draws held in Toronto at 9.00 p.m. local time (UTC -5). There are several ways to check Ontario 49 results:

- You can find out Ontario 49 results at any retail outlet of Canada national lottery or from the local newspapers.

- The latest Ontario 49 results can be checked on the lottery’s official website, where you can also try luck online.
- And finally, you can get Ontario 49 results updates at our site as well as those for other world’s popular lotto games, lottery agents reviews and plenty of other useful info.

Winning odds

Find below the winning odds depending on the matched Ontario 49 winning numbers:


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000007 %

1 : 13,983,816


5 + Bonus number

0.00004 %

1 : 2,330,636



0.002 %

1 : 55,492



0.097 %

1 : 1,033



1.75 %

1 : 57


Record jackpots

The jackpot is a fixed amount of $2 mln. So that it will not roll over and exceed this limit. Take a chance to become $2 mln richer play and check the latest Ontario 49 results online.

Claiming prizes

All the cash prizes including the jackpot are paid out by Ontario Lottery corporation as a lump sum. The lottery prizes are to be claimed within a year from the draw date.

The prizes less than $300 (Canadian dollars) can be obtained at any Ontario Lottery tickets retail outlet. The prizes of $301 to $999 can be claimed after filling in the prize payment request in any “Ontario Lottery” outlet and “OLG Slots and Casinos”.

To get the cash prizes of $1000 to $9,999 you will also have to fill in the prize request form at “OLG Slots and Casinos” which will be sent to the prize payment center in Toronto along with your winning ticket. The same goes about the cash prizes from $10,000 to $250,000.

In case you were lucky to win $250,000 and more you will have to come personally and bring your ticket with the winning Ontario 49 numbers to the lottery officials in Toronto prize payment center. You will never miss anything playing and checking Ontario results online.