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NY Take 5 Results

This is an overview of New York Take 5, one of the U.S. most popular lotteries. Please find below all the important information about the rules, draw dates, jackpots, winning odds, and NY Take 5 results. The lottery was established in 1992 and called Take 5. At that moment, the draws took place once a week on Friday and the ticket price was $1. Since 2000 and through present, the lottery draws are held on a daily basis. According to the rules, the player is to pick five numbers from the range between 1 and 39. If the player guesses all the NY Take 5 winning numbers, they receive the jackpot. Those who guess two or three numbers win money prize, while those who guess only one number receive a free ticket for participation in the next draw.

Country USA
Numbers to Guess 5 from 39
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 575757
Next Jackpot 60000
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Rules of play and participation

New York Take 5 draws take place every evening at 11.21 p.m. local time. The procedure is standard: 39 numbered balls are placed into a draw machine and then five of them are being randomly chosen. After this, players compare the NY Take 5 winning numbers with those on their tickets. In case of two or three matches, the player receives the money prize. The lucky one who happens to guess five NY Take 5 numbers drawn receives the jackpot. In case the jackpot winner is not found during the given draw, this sum is being added to the prize of the second category. The new amount, in turn, is being separated among players who have guessed four winning numbers. 

In order to take part in the lottery it is necessary to buy a ticket. Previously, it could be purchased in New York only, but at present it is much more available thanks to lottery agents selling tickets online. All you need is to visit the website of a lottery agent you prefer, choose the lottery, and specify the number of lines you want to play. When buying the ticket online, don't forget to check whether all the numbers and dates are correct. In most cases, players have to register on the site to buy tickets online. Don't worry, this won't take much time. Besides, you might receive a bonus or a discount after the registration. Before purchasing tickets online, make sure you have carefully learned all the conditions. Pay attention to the payment methods, winning commission and withdrawal policy. In any case, a great bonus for players who buy tickets online is the fact that they won't need to check NY Take 5 results themselves any more – lottery agents notify winners via e-mail or by phone. 

How to play New York Take 5 online

In order to start playing New York Take 5 online, you will first of all need to go to the site of a lottery agent. After you buy a ticket, you will need to choose five NY Take 5 numbers from 1 to 39. You may do this yourself or using Quick Pick option (numbers will be randomly generated by the computer). Participation in the lottery costs $1 per play, while NY Take 5 results become available online immediately after the draw takes place. As mentioned above, the draws are held daily, seven days a week. This is not the only great advantage, however. Another one is the prize pool. Find more details in the table below:



Matched NY Take 5 numbers

Prize amount


$ 62 852,00


$ 469,00


$ 23,00


$ 1,00


How to find NY Take 5 results 

Players may use several options to find out NY Take 5 winning numbers. Firstly, the results are broadcast on TV and published in local newspapers and magazines. Secondly, the player may find them on their lottery agent's website. And the last but not least, NY Take 5 results over the past seven draws are available at Localotto. 

Winning odds

The overall odds to win in New York Take 5 (including the free ticket) is 1 to 9. The probability to win money prize, in turn, is 1 to 100. Jackpot winning odds are quite high – 1 to 575 757. According to the statistics, almost 100 000 players win in New York Take 5 every day. In other words, to guess NY Take 5 numbers is easy!

How to claim the prize

According to the rules of New York Take 5, all the prizes are to be claimed within a year since the winning draw date.