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Is My Illinois Lottery scam or legit and reliable website? Read the review to find answers to the questions which are the matter of the online players' concern. It offers online a number of the draw-type, daily and instant lotteries. The draw-type lotteries are Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Extra Shot and Lucky Day Lotto. The daily lotteries are Pick Plus Fireball 3 and Pick Plus Fireball 4. If you already know with this site or do not have time to read the whole review you can just look through the review summary.


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1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

My Illinois Lottery review: General Info

Apart from the above-mentioned games it offers some instant lotteries: “Wild 10s”, “Sizzlin' 7s”, “Slots of Luck”, “Red, White&Blue Cash”, “Double Match” to name the few.

The questions topical for this review are as follows: Is it a legit lottery site? Isn't My Illinois Lottery scam? Are the services of My Illinois Lottery reliable enough? Are there any complaints on any frauds or scam actions?

So what backs My Illinois Lottery legit standing? The site was started up on 1 July 1979 when the lotteries where something of a new experience which enabled the company to increase sales to $129 mln. The low demand over the next year made the company to suspend its business until the new lotto game Pick 3 was launched in 1980. The lottery generated the $164 mln income over the first year of operation.

So is My Illinois Lottery reliable? The website allocates part of the revenue for charities including $639.8 mln granted for the local school fund. Since 2010 it has been investing in “Capitol Projects” engaged in the state roads and bridges construction and revamp. Alone in 2012, it donated $17.5 mln for various charity initiatives. On 30 March 2012 the company delivered its ever largest jackpot of $656 million which was split between the 3 lucky players from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland. My Illinois Lottery legit status online is secured by Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web. We have not found complaints on the scam mailing or other malpractices. Still the more reputable is the website, the more it attracts scams. The same goes about MyIllinoisLottery. Scam can easily use the name “MyIllinoisLottery”, fake the notification email to wangle personal data or money. So be alerted. We have also singled out the key pros and cons in the review summary at the page bottom.

How does it work?

To start playing at My Illinois Lottery website, first choose the lottery you like and click the “Buy Now” or “Subscribe Now” button. Then choose the amount of tickets and select your lottery numbers manually or use the “Quick Pick” option to get them automatically generated for your entries. It is very handy for those playing numerous entry lines as it saves time and trouble. Then add the purchase to the cart. It will display the total price, selected lotteries and subscription duration. Then click “Checkout” and enter your login and password if you are already registered here, if not click “Quick Checkout” and complete the registration. The site's mobile applications are available for Android and iOS.

My Illinois Lottery review: Syndicates

The website provides the so-called lottery syndicate / pool option for Powerball, Mega Millions and Millionaire Raffle seasonal lottery. Set up your syndicates or join the existing ones to increase you chances to win. Playing in syndicates is very efficient as everyone will get the equal share of every winning ticket.

Every pool appoints a head manager (cash-keeper) who is responsible for collecting the participation fees, purchasing tickets and checking lottery numbers.

In case the syndicate wins up to $600, the prize can be claimed only by one person. If the winning ranges between $601 and $999,999 the pool can make a group claim complying with the following conditions:

- the claim should be signed by one person;
- the claim should be sent along with the completed IL-5754 form which can be downloaded at the website;
- in IL-5754 form specify the names, addresses and social security number of every syndicate member;
- every syndicate member will receive the check personally.

My Illinois Lottery review: Draw results

The draw results representation at the website is slightly unusual. To check your lottery numbers, go the “Winning” menu and choose “Winning Number History Search”. If you need to find out Powerball results, select the required lottery and the time frame. Click “Search” to get the draw dates and the winning numbers displayed.

My Illinois Lottery review: Claiming prizes

Are the services of My Illinois Lottery reliable enough? The prizes of up to $600 can be received at any retail outlet of the State of Illinois. In case you are not a resident of this state then you will have to fill in the special request form and send it to P.O. BOX 19080 SPRINGFIELD, IL, 62794-9080. The same goes about the prizes between $600 and $1 million. The money will be sent in 4-6 weeks. To claim the prizes of $1 million and over call 217-524-5147. In case you want to visit the lottery head office and claim the prize personally you will need to have the identification document with a photo and special security card. review: Special offers / bonuses

The lottery agent provides no discounts even for the wholesale ticket purchases. On the St. Patrick's Day the website carries out a special raffle choosing lucky players who will receive: $1 mln (3 winners); $100,000 (4 winners); $10,000 (15 winners); $1,000 (100 winners); $100 (3000 winners); $50 (4000 lucky players).

Review summary

We expect that the review provided above will help players to make a right choice answering several topical questions such as: Isn't My Illinois Lottery scam? Is My Illinois Lottery legit? Are there negative feedbacks or complaints of fake actions or frauds? Are the services offered by My Illinois Lottery reliable? It offers a number of the draw-type, daily and instant lotteries. The site gives an impression of a credible online lottery resource providing the in-depth contact details including phone numbers, email addresses, prize payment centers addresses, social accounts and so on. Every year it carries out a special St. Patrick's Day Millionaire Raffle with numerous guaranteed cash prizes. We haven't found complaints about the fake actions or frauds. My Illinois Lottery legit standing is not doubted as its part of Illinois State lottery. All in all it creates a positive impression of a reliable resource. We hope the detailed review above and the review summary will prove useful for you.


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