Michigan Lottery
Michigan Lottery

Michigan Lottery review: Background information

Michigan Lottery is one of those lottery agents that will definitely not let their players get boring. Some quick facts: the agent offers 10 draw games with large jackpots, a great variety of instant games that are hard to count, Welcome bonus and lots of special promotions. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Winning statistics is another telling fact. Since January 1st and up to May 31 2018, 19 players have won a prize exceeding $1,000,000. And finally, the most noteworthy thing: the amount Mich Lottery donated to local education system is already as high as $21.4 Billion, which is indeed impressive. In such a way, we do believe that this lottery agent deserves attention of our readers. Eager to know more? Find out all the details in our Michigan Lottery review!

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Michigan Lottery review: A bit of history

So what do we know about MI Lottery? Everything began in November 1972, when the Green Ticket game started. The mission of the agent was and still is to support state education programs: out of every dollar spent by Mich Lottery players, 28¢ go to the School Aid Fund. General statistics is indeed illustrative: as far back as 1973, the amount of financial aid for state education system was $36.6 million, while in 2017 it exceeded $924.1 million. As mentioned above, the total amount donated is approximately $21.4 Billion. Finally, one more noteworthy fact is that 97¢ out of each dollar spent directly benefit the state. Isn’t all of this amazing? 

Michigan Lottery review: What to play?

If to talk about draw games, tickets for playing some of them can only be bought in-store, while other games are also available online. In particular, you can buy a ticket for playing Fantasy 5, Lotto 47, Mega Millions or Powerball on the Internet at any time of your convenience. As for locally available draw games, MI Lottery offers Daily 3, Daily 4, Lucky for Life and Poker Lotto. Apart from this, the agent offers a variety of instant and fast cash games, as well as three variations of Keno.

Michigan Lottery review: Offers and promotions

Quite a big deal of special offers and promotions is one more thing Mich Lottery is famous for. To begin with, there is a Welcome offer giving players an opportunity to receive up to $100 for free. The point is that players get a 50% bonus credit right after they register and make the first purchase. In other words, it is possible to get $100 if to make a $200 purchase or even $5 if your purchase is just $10. Pay attention, however, that $100 is still the maximum bonus awarded.

Frequently enough, MI Lottery offers their players an opportunity to double their winnings. In June 2018, when the review was being written, there were Doubler Days, giving players a chance to double Club Keno, Fantasy 5 and Lotto 47 winnings. To be more precise, this feature was only assigned to random tickets purchased in-store, but this still was a great giveaway. An awesome thing is that such promotions take place almost every month, so follow the news!

One more great thing is that it is possible to instantly win with EZmatch, particularly if one or more of your main numbers matches the EZmatch number. This feature costs an additional dollar per play and is available for Fantasy 5 and Lotto 47. The odds of winning the EZmatch top prize, which currently equals to $500, are 1 in 84. 

Michigan Lottery review: How to claim prizes?

The process of claiming prizes depends of whether you had bought your ticket online or in-store. If to talk about online winnings, amounts of up to $600 will be deposited directly into the player’s account, while the minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Winnings between $600 and $50,000 can be received in the same way, although at first you will have to submit an online claim. If you are lucky to win more, you will have to visit the agent’s headquarters in Lansing. 

The procedure of prize requests for in-store purchases depends on the amount won. Winnings below $600 can be claimed at local retailers, while larger amounts are payable at regional offices. In order to receive a prize of $50,001 or more, you will need to visit the headquarters as well. Pay attention that in either of these cases you will need to submit the original winning ticket that must pass all the agent’s validation and security tests. 

Michigan Lottery review: Tax information

Like elsewhere in the U.S., lottery winnings in Michigan are subject to taxes. In particular, non-U.S. residents who win a prize greater than $600 are subject to 30% federal tax and 4.24% state tax. As for non-Michigan U.S. residents, the tax rate for winning more than $600 is 24% in federal tax and 4.25% in state tax regardless of the state or residence. If a player resides in Michigan, taxes of the same amount are only withheld from winnings greater than $5,000. 

Michigan Lottery: scam or legit?

If you were wondering whether Michigan Lottery scam or legit, the answer is now clear. The fact that all the financial reports are open to public, as well as the agent’s winning statistics prove that there is no reason to doubt Michigan Lottery legitimacy. In such a way, this agent is for sure worthy of attention. May the odds be ever in your favor!


  1. Wide choice of lottery games
  2. International availability
  3. Clear terms and conditions
  4. Aid to education
  5. Lots of bonuses and special promotions