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Mexico Melate Results

Our team has recently prepared a review with its aim being to help those who are eager to find out the latest Mexico Melate results as soon as possible and check if they have won. Besides, in case you know not that much about this lottery, this is your chance to find out more. So here we go!

Mexico Melate is a Mexican (as you might have guessed) lottery with a 6/56 format, which means that players are to choose 6 numbers from the 1-56 range. Depending on the amount of Mexico Melate winning numbers players manage to guess, they receive various prizes. All in all, there are 9 prize categories. In case you were curious, the chance to win the jackpot is 1 in 32,468,436.

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Mexico Melate results, January 14 2022 (7 days ago):

Country Mexico
Numbers to Guess 6 from 56
Additional Numbers 50 from 1
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 32468436
Next Jackpot 1876992
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How does it work?

Melate Mexico draws take place two times a week. The format of this game is based on the one of another Mexican lottery, Loteria, with its rules being quite similar to those of American Keno. One of the greatest things about Melate Mexico is its jackpot, of course – 30 million pesos. Quite enough to attract crowds of international players! Besides, this is the roll-over jackpot, which means that it keeps growing until someone guesses all the six Mexico Melate winning numbers. After it is finally hit, the jackpot amount drops back to 30 million pesos and the struggle begins again. 

The draws are held on Wednesdays and Sundays. Luckily, it is unnecessary to live in Mexico to take part in this lottery. There is opportunity to buy lottery tickets and check the latest Mexico Melate results as soon as they become known on the Internet. Besides, players may set up the newsletter subscription, which could make the whole process even more comfortable.

How to play Mexico Melate?

To start playing and join the struggle for jackpot is easy – all you will need is to buy the lottery ticket (this may be done online within a few minutes) and choose 6 numbers. Apart from this, you will need to choose the 7th number, the bonus one. It is unnecessary to guess to win the jackpot, but it may still multiply your winnings in other prize categories.

There are two ways you may choose numbers to start playing – by your own or using the Quick Pick option (numbers will be generated by the computer). However, experienced players prefer to make the choice only after checking the statistics on cold and hot numbers. And still, history knows many cases of people choosing absolutely random numbers and winning huge amounts of money. After all, playing lotteries is the matter of luck, so why don't you try yours? 30 million pesos is a worthy argument!

Mexico Melate Results    

Traditionally, Mexico Melate results are aired right after the official draws that take place on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9.15 p.m. local time. Besides, Mexico Melate winning numbers may be found on the lottery-related websites, such as The Lotter. Finally, Mexico Melate results, as well as the results of many other internationally popular lotteries, may be found on our website.

Winning odds

As mentioned above, there are 9 prize categories in Melate Mexico. The good news is that the bonus number players are to choose apart from the 6 main ones substantially increases not only winnings, but the odds of winning too. Jackpot winning odds are 1 in 32,468,436, while your chances to win the smallest prize are 1 in 10. In case you are curious to know more, find the details in a table below.

Prize category

Mexico Melate winning numbers

Winning odds



1 : 32 468 436


5 + 1

1 : 5 411406



1 : 110 437


4 + 1

1 : 44 175



1 : 1 840


3 + 1

1 : 1 380



1 : 88


2 + 1

1 : 117



1 : 10

Highest jackpots

As you remember, the starting jackpot is 30 million pesos and it keeps growing until someone finally hits it. Just for your information: the amount of jackpot someone lucky might scoop if they guess all the Mexico Melate winning numbers during the nearest draw is already 141 million pesos! If you are wondering, the biggest ever Melate Mexico jackpot was hit in 2013 with its amount being 693.66 million pesos, which is almost 37.4 million dollars. 

How to claim winnings

One specific feature of this lottery is that prizes are to be personally claimed at the lottery's prize centers in Mexico. Pay attention that winnings may only be received in cash after all the local taxes are deducted. Besides, to play the lottery you must be not younger than 18. In case the winner does not have an opportunity to go to Mexico, they may set up a deal with their agent. In this case, the agent will claim the player's prize on their behalf.