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USA Mega Millions results

The latest winning Mega Millions numbers online. Mega Millions is one of the major USA based lotteries rivaling with Powerball for the market. This lotto game originated yet back in 1996 under the name “The Big Game” eventually renamed into “Mega Millions” lottery in 2002. It raffles one of the world's largest jackpots: on 30 March 2012, it delivered a mind-boggling grand prize of 656 millions of American dollars.

US Mega Millions results are available after the draws held weekly on Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. EST (UTC - 5) in Atlanta (Georgia). However, from time to time when the jackpot reaches $200 mln it is carried out in New York City. Mega Millions lottery is increasingly popular attracting players both from the United States of America and other countries around the world. Take a chance to become a millionaire play and check latest Mega Millions results online.

Country USA
Numbers to Guess 5 from 70
Additional Numbers 1 from 25
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 258 890 850
Next Jackpot 122000000
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How does it work?

Playing USA Mega Millions lottery is easy. Players have to choose 5 Mega Millions numbers from the guess range of 1 to 75 as well as 1 golden Mega Ball out of 15 possible. To make Mega Millions numbers selection process easier Mega Millions lottery offers the so-called “Easy Pick” option. Mega Millions numbers will be automatically generated at random for the ticket entry just like the case with the “Lucky Dip” feature in UK National Lottery and EuroMillions. The jackpot in this USA lottery starts from $15 mln and increases at least by $5 mln every draw when there is no one lucky enough to win the grand prize.

The lottery's 2nd category prize is a guaranteed amount of $1 mln and can be increased to $5 mln using the MegaPlier option (described below). Mega Millions lottery winning odds are fairly high as the lottery totally offers 9 prize categories. Each entry line is prized $1. The above-mentioned white and golden lottery balls are drawn by the 2 separate raffle drums. The latest USA Mega Millions results are made public via television, newspapers, and Internet

Playing USA Mega Millions

If you live outside the United States of America and wish to try your luck in this lotto you can buy your lottery ticket via the Internet from such reputable online lottery dealers as TheLotter.

Checking USA Mega Millions results is also easy. It will take just a few minutes to go online and visit the official lottery web page.

The game is available only for those aged 18 or older. However, in all American states except Virginia, the under-age players may participate in lottery draws and get prizes if their lottery ticket was a present.

Latest Mega Millions results

US Mega Millions results are available soon after the draws held weekly on Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m EST (UTC -5) in Atlanta, the State of Georgia, or in New York (Times Square) when the jackpot goes over $200 mln. You can also go online immediately after the draws are closed to find out the USA Mega Millions results or may keep up with the latest winning Mega Millions numbers using various mobile gadgets.

Winning odds

USA Mega Millions lottery offers thousands in cash prizes in the secondary categories and astonishingly high jackpot in the 1st prize category. Find below the winning odds breakdown (MB – Mega Ball).


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + MB

0.000000386 %

1 : 258,890,850



0.000005 %

1 : 18,492,203


4 + MB

0.00014 %

1 : 739,688



0.0019 %

1 : 52,835


3 + MB

0.009 %

1 : 10720



0.13 %

1 : 766


2 + MB

0.2 %

1 : 473


1 + MB

1.79 %

1 : 56



4.76 %

1 : 21


Winning the jackpot requires matching 5 main Mega Millions numbers and the Mega Ball; the chances here are estimated as 1 in 258,890,850. If matching just 5 main winning Mega Millions numbers players get the 2nd prize (1 chance in 18.49 mln).

The winning odds for the 3rd, 4th and 5th prize categories account respectively for 1 in 739,688, 1 in 52,835 and 1 in 10,720. These prize categories require matching 4 main winning Mega Millions numbers + Mega Ball, 4 main numbers and 3 numbers + Mega Ball correspondingly.

Obviously enough, the winning odds improve further for every lower prize category and will be 1 in 766 for the 6th category (3 main Mega Millions numbers), 1 in 473 for the 7th category (2 main numbers + Mega Ball), 1 in 56 for the 8th category (1 main number + Mega Ball) and 1 in 21 for the last 9th category (just the Mega Ball). Mega Million lottery overall winning odds are estimated as 1 in 15.

Record Jackpots

The game's ever largest jackpot was reported on 30 March 2012. The pot then reached $656 mln and was split between the 3 lucky tickets bought in Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. Interestingly enough, the jackpot turned out to be a record both for USA Mega Millions and the global lottery industry.

This jackpot broke the previous record of $390 mln (unbroken for 5 years). The grand prize was then split by the two lucky winners.

The lottery may boast another 5 jackpot exceeding $300 mln:

- $380 mln split between the 2 winners from Idaho and Washington on 4 January 2011;
- $336 mln split between the 2 winners from California and New York on 28 August 2009;
- $330 mln split between the 4 winners from Maryland, New-Jersey, Texas and Virginia on 31 August 2007;
- $319 mln won by a single ticket bought in New York;
- $315 mln won in 2005.

In 2000 the two lucky winners split the $363 mln prize when the lottery was known as “The Big Game”. Try your luck online, play and check the latest Mega Millions results.

Claiming Prizes

The prizes are paid out in 2 ways: as a lump sum or as a 30 years annuity. There are certain variations on claiming large prizes depending on one or another state.

In New York and Texas, for example, you will have to choose the payout option immediately when buying your lottery ticket.

In New-Jersey and Georgia players are also asked to choose the preferable payout option when buying their lottery ticket. Still, if they change their mind they may for instance change annuity for a lump sum payment and vice versa.

Remember, if you buy tickets on such reliable and reputable online lottery resources as TheLotter you do not have to worry much about the prize claiming procedure as the provider will handle everything itself.

The lottery prize claiming time may also vary depending on the state. As a rule, players may claim their jackpot (on average 100 million dollars) and smaller prizes within a year from the draw date. However, this period is limited to 180 days in California and 60 days in those states (except for New York and Texas) offering players the liberty of choice concerning the above-mentioned payout options. Take advantage of the online game, play and check US Mega Millions results on the web.