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The latest winning MegaLot numbers online. MegaLot is one of the most popular and largest lotto games played in Ukraine. Operated by MSL company it was started up in September 2001. MegaLot results are available two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 8.50 p.m. Kiev time (UTC +3) at MSL headquarters.

Interestingly enough, although the rules envisage choosing only 1 bonus number, the so-called Megaball, players may opt to use an extra feature. They can choose up to 10 bonus MegaLot numbers to hike the winning rates, of course for the additional fee. Please find below the detailed review of MegaLot Ukraine to see it is really worth trying luck!

Country Ukraine
Numbers to Guess 6 from 42
Additional Numbers 1 from 10
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 52 457 860
Next Jackpot 486363.2
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How does it work?

MegaLot Ukraine uses a double matrix of 6/42 + 1/10. In other words, players will have first to choose the six main MegaLot numbers from the guess range of one to forty-two and secondly 1 of the bonus MegaLot numbers, known as Megaball number, in the guess range of 0 to 9. The main winning MegaLot numbers and the bonus ball are drawn by the two separate raffle drums.

Players may choose additional Megaballs (up to 10) for their entries to increase the winning chances for MegaLot lottery jackpot and secondary prizes of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th categories.

To hit the jackpot players have to match the 6 main winning MegaLot numbers as well as the Megaball. If there is no winner the jackpot will be rolled over for the next draw until it is finally claimed. MegaLot sets no limits as for the size of its main prize.

If you are busy or just do not want to bother choosing MegaLot numbers yourself then you may opt to use an automatic numbers generation feature. It is similar to the Lucky Dip feature in UK Lotto and EuroMillions or the so-called Quick Pick feature used in most American lotto games.

Thus playing the game is easy: choose MegaLot numbers yourself or get them quick-picked to save your trouble and time using a random number generator, pay up the purchase and wait for the latest MegaLot results.

MegaLot Ukraine entry is priced 5 Ukrainian hryvna. Players will have to make at least 5 entries to take part in MegaLot MSL draw. Playing extra Megaballs players will be charged additionally 1 hryvna for every extra ball or 14 hryvna for the full set of Megaballs.

Playing MegaLot

Yet back several years ago MegaLot MSL was provided solely for those living or staying in Ukraine. The tickets could be purchased only in the specialized shops. The lottery operators didn't target the international audience then supposing that would be too costly to visit the country just to buy the ticket and play lotto. That was rather a reasonable assumption, still, everything changed after the lottery was introduced online. Now we do not have to visit Ukraine or even leave the house to play MegaLot. The web services offer the tickets online. They will fill in your numbers on the original ticket and will provide the electronic copy. Most of them would even check the latest MegaLot results and notify you if you win. As it is the case with most lottery regulations worldwide you will have to be at least 18 to play it.

Latest MegaLot Results

What is the best way to keep up with the winning MegaLot numbers?

The latest MegaLot results are available after the draws held by Ukrainian MSL company two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 8.50 p.m. Kiev time (UTC +3). Players have several possible options to check MegaLot results.

MegaLot results may be checked at any MSL retail outlet throughout Ukraine as well as in “Azart” newspaper published by MSL.

The draws are also broadcasted live every Wednesday and Saturday on UT1 channel at 9.15 p.m. Kiev time (UTC +3). The latest MegaLot results will be also available at MSL official website updated minutes after every draw. Staying in Ukraine you may also find out the results via the MSL hot line for clients (call 044-205-00-95).

On the other hand, you may go online and visit our web page to get MegaLot results updates as well as those for other popular lotteries from around the world. Importantly enough, this information is available around the clock any day of the week.

Winning odds

Find below the winning odds breakdown depending on the matched winning MegaLot numbers (MB - MegaBall):


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


6 + MB

0.000002 %

1 : 52,457,860



0.00002 %

1 : 5,828,651


5 + MB

0.0004 %

1 : 242,860



0.004 %

1 : 26,984


4 + MB

0.02 %

1 : 5,551



0.16 %

1 : 616


3 + MB

0.27 %

1 : 367



2.5 %

1 : 40


MegaLot Ukraine winning odds are very competitive compared to many other popular lotto games in Ukraine and around the globe. This lottery totally offers 8 prize categories depending on the matched combination of the lottery winning numbers. In other words, these are thousands of cash prizes raffled every week on Wednesday and Saturday.

Chances to win MegaLot MSL jackpot matching the 6 main lottery numbers + the so-called Megaball are estimated as 1 in 52,457,860.

To win the 2nd or the 3rd prize you will have to match respectively the 6 main numbers and 5 main numbers + Megaball. The win rates, in this case, are correspondingly 1 in 5,828,651 and 1 in 242,860.

Obviously enough the win rates increase further for every lower prize category. Winning the 4th or the 5th prize requires matching respectively the 5 main numbers and 4 main numbers + Megaball with the winning odds in this case estimated correspondingly as 1 in 26,984 and 1 in 5,551.

To win anything in MegaLot Ukraine you will have to match at least 3 main numbers. The chances to do that are rather high and are estimated as 1 in 40.

Record jackpot

MegaLot MSL ever largest jackpot of 15 mln Ukrainian hryvna was claimed by the lucky player from Berdychiv (northern Ukraine) on 8 October 2014. His lucky lottery winning numbers were 23, 36, 1, 10, 38, 37 and 7 for the so-called Megaball. You will never miss playing and checking MegaLot results online.

Claiming prizes

In case you were lucky to hit the MegaLot MSL jackpot or win one of the secondary prizes while staying Ukraine then you will get the money as a one-time cash payment (taxes deducted). MegaLot MSL lottery prizes are to be claimed within 180 days period from the draw date. Otherwise, they will be declared canceled. Take a chance to become a millionaire (even though in Ukraine measures) play and check MegaLot results online.