LukiLotto review

Is the lottery website LukiLotto scam and fake or legit and trustworthy? Not sure about this agent's credibility and have a bunch of the related questions. Then our LukiLotto review is just what you need. If you just require a brief overview, please proceed to LukiLotto review summary at the end of the page. LukiLotto website offers 3 popular lotteries online EuroMillions, UK Lotto and Spanish El Gordo. It was founded by the British based company Luki Co Ltd which has been operating since 1998.


More Info About the Lottery Agent
Avaliable Lotteries 3
Ticket Scan
Monthly Visits 0
Online Since 2010
Mail [email protected]
Deposit Methods
Online Chat
Lukilotto sells lottery tickets online for
Country Numbers to Guess Additional Numbers Overall Odds Price Online Next Jackpot Action
2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions Review
1 from 10 1 in 6 El Gordo Review
1 from 53
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 9 National Lottery UK Review

LukiLotto review: General Info

The topical questions are: What backs LukiLotto legit standing if anything at all? Is LukiLotto trustworthy enough? Aren't the services of LukiLotto fake? Are there any LukiLotto scam mailing or any other complaints?

Surely enough every player would like to know for sure whether LukiLotto trustworthy or whether LukiLotto fake before spending his or her money. LukiLotto states that the detailed info about the company is available in the British “Companies House” register. Still we did not find any other data on LukiLotto or Luki Co Ltd. We tried to reach them by email (mentioned in the Contacts) and have not yet received any answer. They have no online support chat and provide no contact phone number which a bit suspicious. The minimal deposit required to star playing at LukiLotto is set at £14.00.

Are there any LukiLotto scam mailing or any other complaints? We have also came across a story about some player who received email from LukiLotto stating that he may request any of his personal data for 10 pounds. This is very strange and does not turn to the website's advantage. Also we have not find the list of winners or any other related info. We do not say that it is crook, still any scam may take advantage of the name LukiLotto, fake the identity to wangle money or personal info. So be watchful.

Is LukiLotto trustworthy enough? They state they accept credit cards but do not specify what exactly. According to, it uses 128-bit SSL protocol to protect personal and credit cards data. LukiLotto legit status online is allegedly ensured Google Safe Browsing.

Here you can also find information on the offered lotteries including reviews, prize, winning odds and jackpots.

LukiLotto review: How does it work?

LukiLotto website home page features 3 offered lotteries and the “Syndicate” icon. Click “Play Now” opposite the lottery you would like to play to read the rules. Then select the draw date (for EuroMillions, for instance, it is Thursday or Friday), choose the number of weeks (1-4) and select your lottery numbers manually or use the “Lucky Dip” feature to get them automatically generated for your entries. Click “Play Now” and then “Check Out” to confirm the purchase or “Cancel” to go back.

Spanish El Gordo super draws differ from the ordinary ones. Usually you have to guess 5-6 balls with 1 or 2 digit numbers while in El Gordo super draws that will be balls with 5 digit numbers from 00,000 to 84,999. The number of tickets per supper draw is also limited.

LukiLotto review: Syndicates

At LukiLotto website you can enter EuroMillions lottery pool. The numbers will be randomly generated by computer. Playing in the lottery syndicate you will join the group of other players hiking your winning chances as far as every prize won by a single player will be equally split between the lotto pool members. The pool has 55 entry lines. The draws are held two times a week on Tuesday and Fridays so that the syndicate players have 110 chances weekly to win EuroMillions jackpot.

LukiLotto review: Draw results

No matter how strange it may be, LukiLotto website provides updates only for EuroMillions and UK Lotto. Clicking “Lotto Results” you can also find the historic data starting from 2010 (the year it was started up).

LukiLotto review: Claiming prizes

Is LukiLotto trustworthy in terms of payments? The website provides no information about the prize claiming options, conditions and so on. Are the prizes paid out at all? They state the site's services are available for anyone and that the provided data is approved by the independent lawyer. Still they do not mention his name or contact data.

LukiLotto review: Special offers / bonuses provides no special offers, bonuses or discounts.

LukiLotto review summary

In the above review we tried to assess LukiLotto services quality and come closer to answering the questions: Is the website LukiLotto trustworthy enough? Aren't the services of LukiLotto fake? Is LukiLotto legit? Are there any LukiLotto scam or fraud complaints detected? And this is our brief LukiLotto review summary.

Generally speaking the site is a little suspicious. It provides some scant information on the founders and no info at all about the prize claiming options. The draw results are available here only for the 2 of 3 offered lotteries. Email box is the only available contact here. Of course you cannot be 100% sure about the site's credibility until using the services yourself.

LukiLotto provides no bonuses or discounts. The games selection range is relatively narrow. These are only 3 lotteries: Euro Millions, UK Lotto and Spanish ElGordo. The syndicate game-play option at LukiLotto is available only for Euro Millions, the entry line numbers will be generated automatically.

There is very little information on the web about LukiLotto. There are no positive feedbacks or winners mentioned. All in all it can be hardly recommended. The question of whether LukiLotto scam or LukiLotto legit remains open. We hope our LukiLotto review summary will be of use for you.


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