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Florida Lucky Money winning numbers. As the name suggest it is the USA based lotto game originating in Florida. It has already enabled numerous lottery players to strengthen their financial foothold after winning sizable cash prizes in this relatively young still already extremely popular and beloved lottery. You can make your lottery bets online saving your time, money and trouble of visiting Florida to buy the lottery ticket and try your luck.

To get more info about this popular American lottery, visit our website where you will find the latest Florida Lucky Money results, a comprehensive review as well as other useful info such as historic Lucky Money winning numbers. Although it is a relatively young game, it already boasts great success not only in Florida but all over the globe. Empowered by the Internet technologies it is now available for any player from any part of the world.

Country USA
Numbers to Guess 4 from 47
Additional Numbers 1 from 17
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 3 032 205
Next Jackpot 1800000
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How does it work?

The game currently uses the 4 out 47 + 1 out 17 format. In other words, players will have to check off the 4 main Florida Lucky Money numbers in the game field from the guess range of 1 to 47 as well as 1 of the bonus Florida Lucky Money numbers, the so-called Lucky Ball, from the separate guess range of 1 to 17. They have to do that prior to the draw otherwise, their combinations will not be accounted. Lottery fans may try their luck in this game two times a week. Florida Lucky Money results are available after the draws carried out every Tuesday and every Friday.

The jackpot is paid out as the 25 years annuity. In other words, the sum will be divided into 25 equal payments, 1 payment will be credited to your account annually over the span of 25 years. If you wish to get annually a small fortune the next 25 years then do not miss your chance to try luck playing and checking Florida Lucky Money results online. Importantly enough, according to the Florida State laws all the lottery cash prizes are subject to taxation accounting for 30% of the won sum of money. In this way, the winner gets 70% of the won lottery cash prize which is still not so bad.

Playing Florida Lucky

As most lotto games have already moved online you can easily buy the lottery ticket online even without leaving your home or working place. All you need is just the access to the Internet and several minutes to choose your Florida Lucky Money numbers, confirm the purchase and wait for the latest Lucky Money results. You can also find out historic Florida Lucky Money results as well as those for other internationally popular lotto games in addition to other useful info such as overviews, jackpot sizes, upcoming draw dates and so on and so forth, in other words, everything you may need to become another lottery millionaire.

Lucky Money results

The results are available after the draws held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday evening. They can be obtained in several ways:

- newspaper publications, TV broadcasts, directly at the retail outlet;

- online at FLA Lottery official web site;

- at our website where you can also find out results for other world's popular lotteries and other useful info.

Winning odds

Apart from a large jackpot, it offers numerous pleasant surprises for its fans totally offering 8 cash prize categories and fair winning odds depending on the matched Florida Lucky Money numbers.

It is one of those lotto games offering fair winning odds and sizable cash prizes. The lottery's starting jackpot is set at $500,000 and will be rolled over every time there is no one lucky enough to match all the Lucky Money winning numbers required. It will roll up until reaching $2 mln. Upon reaching this limit it will be rolled down to the initial $500,000 but the size of cash prizes in lower categories will be increased. Winning the jackpot (1st prize category) requires matching the 4 main Lucky Money numbers and 1 of the bonus Lucky Money numbers. The lottery offers another 7 prize categories every draw. To win anything in this lotto game you will have to guess at least the single Lucky Ball with the respective chances estimated as 1 in 17. You can also take advantage of the hot Lucky Money winning numbers to hike your chances. Find below the winning chances breakdown (LB - Lucky Ball)


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


4 + LB

0.00003 %

1 : 3,032,205



0.0005 %

1 : 189,513


3 + LB

0.006 %

1 : 17,629



0.09 %

1 : 1,101


2 + LB

0.18 %

1 : 560


1 + LB

1.64 %

1 : 61



2.86 %

1 : 35



4 %

1 : 25


Record jackpots

The game's jackpot can increase as high as $2 mln if there is no lucky winner in several draws still it is the maximum possible grand prize in this lotto.

Claiming prizes

You may choose between the two prize claiming options: a lump sum or 25 yearly payments. The decision is to be made within 60 days from the draw date. Still, you will have 180 days to claim the money.

Prizes of up to $600 can be obtained at any retail outlet in Florida. Those between $600 - $250,000 can be received at FLA Lottery office. To get the cash prize over $250,000, you will have to go to the operator's headquarters in Tallahassee (Florida).

You do not have to worry about the mentioned issues playing online as the lottery representative will contact you to discuss the most convenient way of getting the won prize.

Buying several tickets or even entering a lottery syndicate you can save some money as well as hike your winning chances to win the jackpot ranging from $500,000 to $2 mln. Play and check Lucky Money results online. And good luck!