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Is the lottery website Love My Lotto safe and legit or scam? is a team of experts focused on lotto games and lottery syndicates in particular. John Wiley and Brent Harding, the founders, state their resource is fully law obedient and they are fully honest with their users. John Wiley lottery track record accounts for 45 years including 25 years in Mecca Leisure company and business development seminars. 


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Love My Lotto sells lottery tickets online for
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2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker Review
1 from 53
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not accountable for jackpot
1 in 9 National Lottery UK Review

Love My Lotto review: General Info

The online lottery website Love My Lotto review is aimed to determine whether it is reliable enough and answer the questions: Are the services of Love My Lotto safe? Are there any reasons to think that Love My Lotto scam? Is Love My Lotto legit? Please find the review summary at the page's bottom if you do not want to read the whole review or are pressed for time.

Brent Harding was a senior manager in Mecca Leisure as well as had certain success and progress in Avon company. For a number of years John and Brent had been working in Bingo Association executive committee. In 1995 they founded Welcome Social Clubs Ltd company. Currently apart from this website they run a number of other businesses.

At you can participate in the syndicates playing EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lotto, UK Lotto Raffle and 1 million Daily Draw. Love My Lotto legit status is ensured by Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing

How does it work?

To start playing you will have to sign up, top up your account and join one of the offered syndicates. After logging to your account you will be able to play together with 36 other players which you do not have to search yourself. You will get a notification e-mail with your entry fields as well as get access to the back-office to monitor your money transactions.

Moreover, playing at Lovemylotto you will never forget to buy your lottery ticket or lose it and you will not have to go to the retail outlet to get your prize. You can find out lottery results in the menu so that you will not have to search the web to get the latest draw updates.

Obviously enough, everyone would like to be sure about the site's reliability before spending his or her money. After browsing the web for a while we have not found negative complaints about Love My Lotto scam actions.

Love My Lotto Syndicate options

According to Lovemylotto, the chances to win will improve considerably playing in the syndicate: 1 of 4 jackpots is won by the lotto syndicate. The resource is designed to make syndicate entry easier in case you do not have the single-minded relatives or friends loving lotto. Based on the site's statistics some 95% of its users had luck to win lottery over the last 12 months.

Love My Lotto Syndicate options are available for EuroMillions (₤ 150 mln grand prize and 13 prize categories), Millionaire Raffle (₤ 1 mln grand prize), Lotto UK (British national lottery drawn two times a week and having 5 prize categories), UK Lotto Raffle (drawn two times a week and providing 50 guaranteed prizes of ₤ 20,000) and Daily Draw (5 prize categories and ₤1 mln).

Love My Lotto Syndicate levels

Depending on your finances you can choose a corresponding syndicate level. The website offers 3 syndicate levels: bronze, silver and golden.


To take part in Love My Lotto syndicate of the bronze level you will be charged ₤ 12 monthly and will get 18 entry lines for every round. You will have 468 and 1,239 chances respectively to win the grand prize and the secondary prizes. The prizes will be equally split between the syndicate members.


To take part in the syndicate of the silver level you will be charged ₤ 24 monthly. You will get 36 entry lines for every round. You will have 477 and 2,479 chances respectively to scoop the jackpot and the secondary prizes.


To take part in the syndicate of the golden level you will be charged ₤ 36 monthly and will get 63 entry lines for every draw. You will have 490 and 4,338 chances respectively to scoop the jackpot and the secondary prizes.

Love My Lotto review: Draw results

To check the draw results for EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, LottoUK, UK Lotto Raffle and 1 million Daily Draw click “Results” button in the upper menu or subscribe for the winners notification.

Claiming prizes

The winnings up to 5,000 pounds will be paid out by the website and credited to the winners accounts. In case the winners want to transfer money to their bank accounts they will have to make a corresponding request and will have to have at least 20 pounds. The prizes over 5,000 pounds are paid out by the lottery company, so the winners will be sent the checks.

Special offers/bonuses

The website has yet no special offers or bonuses.

Review summary

Apart from the general services assessment the review is to assist the players in making their choice as for this lottery agent. It was founded by the two lottery enthusiasts John Wiley and Brent Harding having an extensive track record in the lotto industry. The website is focused on the syndicates so in case you do not want to play lottery in team you will have to look for another online provider. It offers 3 different participation levels depending on your financial ability: bronze, silver and golden charging respectively 12, 24 and 36 pounds monthly and increasing the winning chances correspondingly. The website proves that playing lotteries in syndicates is much successful compared to the traditional ways of playing. Love My Lotto legit status is ensured by Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing. Love My Lotto safe measures are of a high level. It is a reliable middle agent between the players and the lotto operators gaining its reputation for years. We have not found any complaints of Love My Lotto scam related activity. We hope that the review will be helpful for you.


  1. reliability
  2. high winning odds
  3. users will not have to look for the syndicate participants themselves