LottoStar review

Is LottoStar scam or legal lottery website? It is your first time stumbling upon this website then LottoStar review is just what you need. LottoStar website is a South African site offering the following lotteries online: SuperEnalotto, Spanish Daily, EuroMillions as well as Greece lotto games Kino 15, Kino 12 and Kino 9. All the cash prizes (including jackpots) are fixed amounts. The key advantages and disadvantages are listed in LottoStar review summary at the end of the article.


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Online Since 2013
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2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions Review
1 from 84
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not accountable for jackpot
1 in 21 SuperEnalotto Review

LottoStar review: General Info

The review is aimed to help you to answers the questions you might be concerned about: Is LottoStar legal? Isn't LottoStar scam? Are there any LottoStar complaints about the scam or fake actions?

So what backs LottoStar legal standing? LottoStar South Africa is operated by Mpumalanga Gambling Board, a legally registered entity and licensed lottery provider. Mpumalanga Gambling Board is also the first online lottery provider on the SAR territory.

Appreciating every user, Mpumalanga optimized the LottoStar South Africa design to make it user-friendly as much as possible both in the desk-top and mobile/tablet versions.

Mpumalanga Gambling owners state that playing lotteries at LottoStar website will be an ultimate experience for everyone. Moreover they are always ready to provide timely support through the online support service, which will be swift to tackle any related issues or problems. LottoStar legal status and security online is secured by Google Safe Browsing. We haven't found LottoStar complaints relating to scam mailing, fake actions or frauds.

LottoStar review: How does it work?

Registration at the website LottoStar South Africa will not take much time and efforts. Click “Register” in the website upper menu and fill in the required fields. You may start buying tickets after receiving the confirmation email and topping up your personal account. You will have to provide the SAR citizen identification number to complete the registration form. home page features the list of the offered lotteries (each complemented by a review). Choose the lotto you like most, select your lucky lottery numbers (for instance, 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 90 in SuperEnalotto, or 5 numbers out of 50 possible in EuroMillions). In case you have chosen the wrong number, then just click it again to cancel the action. Click the button on the left to clear the filled entry, or the “Quick Pick” button to get the numbers automatically generated for your entry. Then choose the number of draws you would like to play.

As far as the grand prizes are fixed amounts at LottoStar South Africa (irrespective of the actual jackpot offered by one or another lottery), it offers a special “Jackpot Booster” feature to increase the possible winnings.

After making and confirming your numbers and draws choice, you will be directed to the “Checkout” page where you can make some corrections and study your game's details. Here you may choose an option to pay the order by the stated installments. After checking the details, confirm and pay up the purchase. You will be sent a confirmation email specifying the selected lottery numbers and draws and later the notification emails.

LottoStar review: Syndicates

You will not be able to set up the lottery syndicates at LottoStar South Africa website. Still you are always free to do that yourself and team up with your friends, relatives or colleagues to “split the check” buying more ticket and in this way increasing your chances to win. However you will have to assume all the related responsibilities: buying tickets, checking updates and splitting the winning between the syndicate members. Playing at LottoStar website you may buy tickets for up to 52 draws in advance so that you will not miss any.

LottoStar review: Draw results

Click “Results” in top menu to find out the latest winning numbers. Here you will find the winning combinations for each offered lottery, the last draw date and the maximal jackpots. Depending on the chosen lottery the players will be sent the updates and notification emails.

LottoStar review: Claiming prizes

Are there any users' complaints about the payments? The agent will break the happy news of the lottery winning by sending the notification email. To get their lottery prizes players will have to make a claim within 30 days from the draw day. The minimal withdrawal limit is set at 100 rands. Making a prize claim requires sending the bank or credit card details by fax or email. To withdraw over 25,000 rands from the personal account, players will have to fill in a special form specifying their place of residence, first and second name.

LottoStar review: Special offers / bonuses

LottoStar website offers several bonuses for its users. You may sign in to your Facebook profile through Lotto Star to invite your friends. You will be credited points for the successful invitations which can be later converted into money: 20,000 points - 200 rands, 32,000 points - 250 rands, 50000 points - 500 rands.

LottoStar review summary

We tried to assess the provided online lottery services which might help players to answers several relevant questions before starting playing: Isn't LottoStar scam? Is the lotto website LottoStar legal? Are there any LottoStar complaints relating to frauds or scam actions? LottoStar review summary points out the key drawbacks and advantages of the website which is expected to help players to make their choice just taking a quick look. Lotto Star is an online lottery site offering lotto tickets in Southern Africa. Still there is one strange thing about this site: all the offered lotteries' jackpots are fixed amounts (irrespective of the information at the official sites). However you may use a special option to increase the possible winning for the extra fee. LottoStar is available only for the South Africa citizens as far as all the transactions are bound to be carried out via local bank systems so that the users need to have a registered bank account or credit card in SAR. It is rather informative providing both the general info about the lotteries as well as the draw results and other useful stuff. So is the lotto site LottoStar scam? - Hardly. We haven't detected any serious LottoStar complaints. LottoStar legal standing is not doubted. We expect that LottoStar review summary will help you to decide whether to use the site's services or not.


  1. informative content, user-friendly interface
  2. bonus program, no complaints