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Is the online lotto website Lottos Ladbrokes scam or legit? Please find below Lottos Ladbrokes review which is destined to estimate the provided lotto services. So isn't the website Ladbrokes scam, what backs its legit standing? The company was founded yet back in 1886 in Worcestershire county, UK. The first office was opened near Strand and in 1906 moved to Hanover Square. The site uses territorial restrictions for the lotto players (for more information visit site). *This lottery agent only accepts bets and sets no fixed lottery ticket prices.


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Lottos Ladbrokes review: General Info

The questions topical for the review: Isn't Lottos Ladbrokes scam website? Are there Lottos Ladbrokes complaints concerning any malpractices? Are there any Lottos Ladbrokes fraud detected? The website key lotto advantages and drawbacks are listed in Ladbrokes review summary.

One of the company's most renowned personalities is Helen Vernet who started working in Ladbrokes in 1919. In 1928 she was appointed the company's representative and worked there until her death in 1956. In June 2015 Ladbrokes announced the planned merger with Gala Ladbrokes Group. In this way Ladbrokes can possibly increase its network to 4000 offices.

The website offers the following lotteries online: Spanish Sunday Lotto & Daily Lotto6, Irish Lotto 6 Ball, Irish Lotto 7 Ball, William Hill’s 49’s Lotto6 & Lotto 7, New York Lotto 6 Ball and Lotto 7 Ball. website applies somewhat unconventional game-play: the players have to make bets on the prize categories and the winnings will depend on the bet amount. For instance, matching 1 number in Irish Lotto 6 Ball the bet will be multiplied by 6.5. In other words you will get $650 for the $10 bet. The maximum prize for matching all the 5 winning numbers accounts for $1,000,010.

The German players should bear in mind that the website charges 5% winning royalties for all the games except for the lotteries. The services are available only for those aged 18 and over. We have found no Lottos Ladbrokes complaints regarding scam mailing or detected anything that might point on Lottos Ladbrokes fraud actions.

Lottos Ladbrokes review: How does it work?

Apart from the draw-type lotteries you can try your luck in sport bets, poker, casino games, cards games, slot-machines, scratch-cards, dice and virtual sports bets at Ladbrokes online.

Proceed as follows to start playing at

- choose the lotto;

- select from 1 to 5 lottery numbers;

- enter the bet value in the corresponding field;

- confirm the stakes to proceed (you are free to make the multiple bets);

- choose the draw dates and their number;

- click “Bet Now” to confirm the selection and get your lottery coupon displayed. It will feature all the related details and may be printed out;

- wait for the draw results.

If you do not have the Internet connection you can also use your mobile to make the bets. Call:

0800 777 888 (for the British citizens) or
+44 208 866 4488 (for the non-British residents).

The option is available from 9 a.m. till 11 p.m. Sunday through Friday and from 8.30 a.m. till 11 p.m. The connection tariff starts from £25.

To find Lottos Ladbrokes retail outlets location click “Shop Locator” at the page bottom.

There are certain restrictions for a number of countries.

The Dutch players, for instance, may take part in poker, Vegas games, casino, dog and horse racing and will not be able to play lotteries, scratches and make sport bets.

Some players will not have a direct admission to the website. Australian citizens will be redirected to Ladbrokes Australia (, Belgium users to Ladbrokes Belgium (.be), Danish users to Ladbrokes Denmark (.dk), Spanish users to Ladbrokes warns it may ask to provide a residence confirmation.

Poker at Ladbrokes online is restricted for those from Azerbaijan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Casino is restricted for the users from Latvia, while the German citizens will have no access to the Exchange.

Lottos Ladbrokes review: Syndicates

You can enter a syndicate at Lottos Ladbrokes to increase your winning chances. Lottery syndicate is a group of lottery fans teaming up to buy more tickets for the draw and in this way increase their chances to win.

Lottos Ladbrokes review: Draw results

The lotto updates will be available in the left menu of Lottos Ladbrokes. Choose the lottery you need from the pop-down window to get the results displayed. You will not have to visit the official sites to find out the lottery winning numbers.

Lottos Ladbrokes review: Claiming prizes

LottosLadbrokes lotto winnings will be credited to the users' accounts and can be further transferred out using one of the available options. The “Fixed Odds Lotto Results” are available at the corresponding page. The site owners warn that the odds may be changed from time to time. The betting will be multiplied by the “x” rate. For instance, the player made a $15 bet, the coefficient is x6, and then he would get $90.

Lottos Ladbrokes review: Special offers / bonuses

LottosLadbrokes has various bonus programs: £10 bonus for £40 spent in Bingo, 200% bonus for the registration in “VEGAS”, up to £25 bonus for the participation in sport stakes.

Lottos Ladbrokes review summary

The review above is expected to help players in answering several questions they might be concerned about: Isn't Lottos Ladbrokes scam website? Are there Lottos Ladbrokes complaints concerning any malpractices? Are there any Lottos Ladbrokes fraud malpractices detected? Lottos Ladbrokes review summary singles out the main strong and weak points. The site offers the popular draw-type lotteries as well as sport bets, casino, poker, instant lotteries. It provides various bonuses for the participation in different games. Still the prizes are paid out depending on the betting you make on one or another prize category. The access to the offered lotteries, casino and other games may be restricted for some countries. In case you do not have access to the Internet you can make your bets using your mobile phone (you will be charged £25). The site administration can be reached by email, phone or via the online chat. We haven't found Lottos Ladbrokes complaints regarding scam mailing or detected anything that might point on Lottos Ladbrokes fraud actions. We hope that Lottos Ladbrokes review summary will help you to make a quick decision.

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