LottoSheli review

Is lottery website LottoSheli legit and trustworthy or scam and fake? It is your first time ever stumbling upon this website, then LottoSheli review is just what you need. LottoSheli website is operated by Miphal Hapayis company holding 4 lotteries: Lotto, Chance, 777 and 123. The lotteries are available only for the Israeli citizens as far as it is required to provide any Israeli bank accounts or credit cards during the registration. The website key pros and cons are listed in LottoSheli review summary at the end of the article.


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LottoSheli review: General Info

The review is expected to help you to answers the questions you might be concerned about: Is LottoSheli legit? Isn't LottoSheli scam? Are the services of LottoSheli trustworthy enough? Is there LottoSheli scam mailing detected? Are there any complaints about LottoSheli fake actions or negative feedbacks?

Miphal Hapayis' Lotto is carried out 2 times a week on Tuesday and Saturday and uses a 6/37 matrix, that is players have to choose and match 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 37. LottoSheli website operator sets no minimal and maximal limits as for the number of tickets per game. Players are free to play as many tickets as they want. LottoSheli site is comprehensive and user-friendly also providing a video guide on how to use it. LottoSheli support service is available Sunday through Tuesday from 9 am to 10 pm, on Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and on Saturday as soon as Sabbath is over till 10.30 pm.

You may also take advantage of MiphalHapayis mobile applications for Android and Google Play or visit the company's pages on Facebook and Twitter to find out the latest news. LottoSheli legit status and security online is ensured by Google Safe Browsing. We haven't found LottoSheli scam related complaints. Still too many questions about it remain open. All in all it would not take the online scam much time and effort to make use of a brand name LottoSheli, fake some notification emails and try to cheat the trustful players.

You can make a subscription at to take part in the lotto draws automatically. Proceed as follows: go to the site's home page, choose the lotto you like, select the lotto numbers and tick the “Subscribe” box in the middle of the page and select the draw days. In case your personal account remainder is not enough for the games, then the fees will be automatically charged and withdrawn from your cash card. This free of charge option is very handy for the regular MiphalHapayis lottery fans having no time or forgetting to buy tickets.

LottoSheli review: How does it work?

To start playing at LottoSheli website, choose the lottery at the site's main page, select your lucky lottery numbers and the draw dates. In case you do not want to select the balls manually you may use the “Autofill” to get them automatically generated for your entries. After choosing the game, the lotto balls and the quantity of tickets click “Send” and then “Purchase”. You will be redirected to your personal cabinet to fill in the registration form. Optionally you can register using your face-book account.

To change your credit card data, just tick off the "Remember my credit card information for future use and for debit the sending tickets via smart phone" box after paying up the purchase. Then click the “Deposit” icon to specify "The credit card details for payment".

In case you have forgotten your password proceed as follows: click “Login”, then "Forgot password", enter your email box address, check the box, use the received one-time password to sign in and change it for your own clicking “Edit Password”.

LottoSheli review: Syndicates

You will not be able to join a lottery syndicate at LottoSheli website, still you can set up your own one to team up with your friends, colleagues or relatives to buy more lottery tickets (for one or several draws) and increase your winning chances considerably. All the syndicate winnings (even though it is only one ticket) will be equally split between its members.

LottoSheli review: Draw results

We did not find any info about the lottery updates at this site. So is LottoSheli trustworthy enough or fake? The question is open.

LottoSheli review: Claiming prizes

Is the website trustworthy in terms of payments? Any cash prizes of up to NIS 49,920 will be credited to the player's personal account tax-free. To withdraw the won money, sign in to your personal cabinet, click the “Withdrawal” icon and specify the cash card data.

Miphal Hapayis will deduct the local taxes from the winnings over NIS 49,920. They will also send the winning ticket and will contact the winners to set the time and date of their meeting at the company's headquarters. These prizes are to be claimed personally.

LottoSheli review: Special offers / bonuses

Lotto Sheli has yet no special offers or bonuses.

LottoSheli review summary

In the review above we tried to assess objectively the offered lottery services which might help online players to answers several relevant questions before registering and starting playing: Isn't LottoSheli scam? Is LottoSheli legit? Is LottoSheli trustworthy agent? Can be the first positive impression of LottoSheli fake? LottoSheli review summary points out the key drawbacks and advantages of the website which is expected to help players to make their choice just taking a quick look. Lotto Sheli offers online 4 Israeli lotteries: Lotto, Chance, 777 and 123. The games are available only for those having a bank account in Israel as far as all the related transactions will be carried out using solely Israeli bank system. The site provides not discounts or bonus and, what is more important and alarming, no results of the draws. That is why LottoSheli legit standing is still under the question. We expect that LottoSheli review summary will help you to decide whether LottoSheli trustworthy agent or whether LottoSheli fake.


  1. no winning royalties
  2. no limitations as for the quantity of tickets per draw