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Is LottoOnlineService scam or legit? LottoOnlineService review makes an unbiased estimation of the provided lotto services, which is basically destined to answer several topical questions. LottoOnlineService website offers players just 3 lotteries online: PowerBall, Mega Millions, Florida Lottery 6/53. provides scant info about the founders. All we managed to find out is that it is owned by Izaco Inc, that is where we reached the dead-end.


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No Add. Numbers 1 in 8 Florida Lotto Review
1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

LottoOnlineService review: General Info

The related questions are: Is the lottery website LottoOnlineService legit? Isn't LottoOnlineService scam? Are there any complaints about LottoOnlineService fake actions? Proceed to the end of the piece to have a quick look through LottoOnlineService review summary if you don't want to read the whole story.

So what backs LottoOnlineService legit standing? PowerBall, Mega Millions and Florida (FL) Lottery are the officially licensed lotto games available for the players aged 18 and over. LottoOnlineService legit status and security online is ensured by Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web. To start playing here you will have to complete a registration: click “Register” tab in the site's menu and fill in the required fields. LottoOnlineService website services are available only for American citizens. And it is not clear, what was the reason to translate it into German? The contact data is not available. So how can the lottery players address the administration or support team to tackle any related issues. We have found no LottoOnlineService scam mailing complaint, neither positive nor negative feedbacks which is very strange taking into account Lotto Online Service track record. Nevertheless always be watchful, it is not that hard for the online scams to use the brand name “LottoOnlineService”, fake the winning notification emails to deceive players.

The offered lotteries (PowerBall, Mega Millions and Florida Lotto 6/53) popularity is backed by the huge jackpots:

- PowerBall: jackpot starts from $20-40 mln and can reach $580 mln;
- USA Mega Millions: from $15 mln to up to $600 mln;
- Florida Lotto: from $2-4 to $100 mln.

LottoOnlineService review: How does it work?

You can access the lotto games only after the registration (as it was mentioned above it is open only for the American citizens). The tickets pricing varies from $1 to $2 in addition to $1 service fee.

The minimal Powerball participation fee is set at $12 per transaction. You will get 4 tickets for 1 draw and can optionally play 1 ticket in 4 separate draws.

Mega Millions and Florida Lotto minimal participation fee is set at $10 per transaction. For this money you will get 5 tickets for 1 draw or you may play 5 draws in advance (1 ticket per draw).

After the purchases are paid up you will be sent an email with the related details: lottery name, selected balls, amount of tickets and the number of draws.

LottoOnlineService review: Syndicates

According to LottoOnlineService website administration, their uses can buy as many tickets as they want (but not less than the minimal amount specified). In this way they may set up their own lottery syndicates buying more tickets along with saving some money and increasing their winning chances. On some similar resources the users can join the existing syndicates. Still in case with LottoOnlineService website you will have to find the syndicate members yourself, collect participation fees, buy lottery, draft and enter the syndicate agreement.

LottoOnlineService review: Draw results

To find out the lottery results, target the mouse cursor on the “Lottery Results” tab and choose the game you need from the pop-down menu to get the winning combinations and prize breakdown displayed, for instance Powerball results.

LottoOnlineService review: Claiming prizes

Is the website LottoOnlineService reliable in terms of paying out prizes? LottoOnlineService provides no info on the prize payment options and other related issues. Can we trust it with that in mind? - Hardly, even though it has been operating since 1999. With respect to rather extensive track record we assumed there should be some feedbacks on the web (forums, fake-buster sites, etc). Still we have found neither positive nor negative ones.

LottoOnlineService review: Special offers / bonuses has no special offers and provides no bonuses. LottoOnlineService creates a dual impression which, naturally enough, raises numerous questions like: “Is the site Lotto Online Service still in service?”

LottoOnlineService review summary

This review is focused on assessing the provided services and assisting players in making their choice in favor or against via answering the following questions: Isn't LottoOnlineService scam? Is LottoOnlineService legit? Are there any negative feedbacks or complaints on LottoOnlineService fake actions? LottoOnlineService review summary bottom-lines the review to point out the main pros and cons.
LottoOnlineService is rather old online lottery site offering tickets for such popular US games as Power Ball, MegaMillions, FL Lottery 6/53 featuring impressive jackpots. LottoOnlineService hardly deserves many thumb-ups as it provides scant info and we can hardly call it trustful. Here you will not be able to buy a single ticket as the minimal purchase limit is set at 4-5 tickets depending on the game. You will have to spend at least 10-12 dollars. The games here are available only for the US citizens; still for some unclear reasons the website was also translated into German. Also you will not be able to contact the administration to tackle some related issues. LottoOnlineService legit standing is questionable. Although the resource is relatively old we have detected no complaints about LottoOnlineService fake actions or LottoOnlineService scam mailing, no feedbacks, nothing at all. We hope LottoOnlineService review summary will help you to make a right choice just taking a quick look.


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