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Italy Lottomatica or Gioco del Lotto is Italian national lottery offering a good chance to win a staggering cash prize by matching 5 numbers drawn from the set of ninety. Every match, even that of a single ball, will give the player a prize. The game is currently operated by Lottomatica S.p.A. Try your luck, check Lottomatica results online and claim the prize.

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Country Italy
Numbers to Guess 5 from 90
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 43949268
Next Jackpot 3216357.707235
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How does it work?

Gioco del Lotto incorporates 3 draws a week which are held on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the major Italian cities such as Cagliari, Bari, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Palermo, Naples, Venice, Turin, and Rome. The game review at our website features the raffles and winning Lottomatica numbers in Rome. Earlier till June 2009, the draws had been held separately and simultaneously in ten Italian cities excluding Rome where the National Lottery took place. From then on Lottomatica numbers have been drawn in three cities: Rome (for Rome, Florence, Cagliari), Milan (for Milan, Turin, Geona, and Venice), Naples (for Naples, Palermo, and Bari).

Winning jackpot in this game requires matching 5 winning Lottomatica numbers for the specific city drawn from the range of 1 to 90; the numbered balls are mixed in the lottery drum and drawn randomly. Playing the game implies checking off the numbers on the ticket. The other winning combinations of Lottomatica numbers include: single number match (the draw order is not accounted), determined single number match, doubles (2 numbers), triplet (3 numbers), quadruplet (4 numbers). The payouts are the fixed amounts which depend on the number of winners in each prize division.

Checking the latest Lottomatica results online

The latest Lottomatica results are published after the draws which are held 3 times a week on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (local Italian time). There are several ways to check Lottomatica results. If you are living or staying in Italy you can check the winning Lottomatica numbers in any lottery retail outlet in the vicinity. Lottomatica results are also made public by the local mass media including newspapers, radio, and television. Still, the fastest and most convenient way to find out the numbers is on the Internet. The latest Lottomatica results will be updated at our website seconds after the draw.

Winning odds and payouts

The winning odds in Lottomatica’s Gioco del Lotto as well as in any other lottery depend on the matched winning combination. The more winning Lottomatica numbers are to be matched to lower are the chances, still, the prize at stake is bigger and vice versa. The breakdown of the winning odds and the expected payouts is provided below.

Prize division

Matched numbers

Winning odds

Pay-out*, €



1 : 43,949,268

Jackpot - 6,000,000



1 : 511,038




1 : 11,748




1 : 400




1 : 18


Record jackpots

As of today, there were 8 single wins reported which exceeded the €2 mln mark. The top three Lottomatica’s Gioco del Lotto winnings are as follows:

- € 3,124,000 in January 2014 in Villa Agnedo, Trento;
- € 3,069,000 in January 2007 in Pozzo di Gotto, Messina;
- € 3,064,000 in September 2007 in Rome. 

Play and check the latest Lottomatica results online to become another jackpot winner.

Claiming the winnings

All the secondary prizes won online will be credited to your personal account at the lottery agent’s website, TheLotter for example. You will be notified about the winning by the lottery agents which also organize your visit to Italy if you are lucky to scoop the jackpot. Take your chance and may luck smile at you.