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Is the online lottery site Lotto Gopher scam or legit? Hesitating whether to try luck here or not? Want to know more about the service. Then please find below the detailed Lotto Gopher review covering the offered services and touching the above-mentioned issues. If you are already familiar with the site then please proceed to Lotto Gopher review summary at the page bottom. The site provides 3 American lotteries available only for Californian citizens.


More Info About the Lottery Agent
Avaliable Lotteries 3
Ticket Scan
Monthly Visits 7 333
Online Since 2006
Mail [email protected]
Deposit Methods
Online Chat
Lotto Gopher sells lottery tickets online for
Country Numbers to Guess Additional Numbers Overall Odds Price Online Next Jackpot Action
1 from 27 1 in 24 Super Lotto Plus Review
1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

Lotto Gopher review: General Info

The review is expected to help players to answer the following questions: What is Lotto Gopher legit background? Isn't Lotto Gopher scam? How do Lotto Gopher winners get their prizes if any?

LottoGopher creates rather positive impression. Lotto Gopher website is operated by the California based company (Los Angeles) and is available only for the Californian citizens. It complies with the laws of the California State. Lotto Gopher website offers players 3 online lotteries: Ca MegaMillions, Ca Powerball and SuperLotto Plus. It is rather straightforward of what it offers, of its terms and policy. Lotto Gopher legit status online is ensured Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Web.

It is hardly arguable that before registering and providing personal information or topping up the account every player would like to be sure about Lotto Gopher legit standing, trustworthiness and credibility; that there aren’t too many complaints about Lotto Gopher scam related frauds or malpractices, etc. It buys lottery tickets on the players' behalf and provides daily, monthly and yearly subscription respectively for $3, $12 and $99. LottoGopher services are also free, still in this case (just like with the daily subscription) some options will not be available: you will not be able to set up the syndicates as well as access all the offered lotteries. Lotto Gopher website runs its own blog in which you can find out very handy info such as the ways to increase your winning chances, 5 things lottery winners would do, curious lottery players' stories and so on.

We haven't found complaints on Lotto Gopher scam mailing or frauds. Still there are sites on the web offering LottoGopher promo code, which is rather suspicious as offers one for reaching certain loyalty user level.

Lotto Gopher review: How does it work?

To start playing at Lotto Gopher website you will have first to complete the registration and choose the subscription: free, daily, monthly or yearly. Then select the lotto game you like, check off your numbers and wait for the draw results. The original tickets will be safe-kept by the agent.

Lotto Gopher website provides the past lottery results analysis which is accessible even with the free subscription. Here you can also buy a gift voucher for your friend or relative in this way presenting him a chance to become a millionaire.

The agent does not charge any winning royalties or extra ticket fees. The charged prices match those at the official retail outlets. Its income is confined solely to the subscription fees. does not accept prepaid cards, cash, checks and PayPal. The services can be paid by the debit or credit Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card so that any transaction can be monitored.

The tickets can be purchased till 4.00 p.m. (Californian time, UTC -8) on the draw day. All the tickets purchased after that time will be played in the next draw.

Lotto Gopher review: Syndicates

At this website you can set up a lottery syndicate to team up with your friends, relatives or colleagues or enter the existing one, provided that you have a monthly or yearly subscription. Playing in the syndicates is very advantageous as your winning chances will be increased considerably and the money will be split equally between the syndicate members.

Lotto Gopher review: Draw results

To find out the latest lottery results click the “Lottery Results” button at the site's home page.

Lotto Gopher review: Claiming prizes

The prizes of up to $600 will be credited to the winners’ personal accounts within 24 hours or you may request the bank transfer or a check. The winnings over $600 are to be claimed by the winners from the lottery provider either personally or by the agent. It will take about 5 days to claim the prize and credit the money to your account.

Lotto Gopher review: Special offers / bonuses

The agent has no special propositions or bonuses. Still it features one interesting feature “The ideal gift” which is very handy in case you are going to make a present for somebody. First go to the “Give a Gift” tab in the upper menu and fill in 2 fields “Who is the gift for” and “eGift Message”. Specify the receiver's address in the first one and type the message in the second one. Then click the “Continue” button, choose the lotto, the quantity of draws and the lottery numbers. The “gift” will be emailed to the addressee along with your message.

Lotto Gopher review summary

Our Lotto Gopher review summary is expected to assist players in making their choice answering the questions: What is Lotto Gopher legit background? How do the winners get their prizes if any? Isn't Lotto Gopher scam? Lotto Gopher offers 3 online lotteries available just for the California citizens. They say they plan to provide access for other states later (but who knows when). All the prizes can be claimed by the site's agent and credited to the player's account. The money can be further transferred to the bank account or sent as a check. Still it is not clear who is the website owner: on one page these are 6 people, on the other these are 8 people responsible for the project. There are websites offering LottoGopher promo code, which is rather suspicious as the site offers one for reaching certain loyalty user level. It charges no winning royalties or extra ticket fees making profit solely on the monthly or yearly subscription fees. It unlocks a number of options which are not available for those using the daily or free subscriptions. All in all the impression of Lotto Gopher legit standing and services is positive, it is hardly a scam. We hope you will find Lotto Gopher review summary useful and will be one of the winners.


  1. relatively low pricing
  2. full payout of prizes