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Is the lottery website LottoGiving legit or scam and fake? In this LottoGiving review we will try to give an unbiased estimate to the provided online lotto services, which is expected to help players to answer several related questions. LottoGiving website was set up to raise funds for charities. The users will choose among the offered charity initiatives. For instance, that can be animal centers, sports development, scientific projects and so on.


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LottoGiving review: General Info

The questions topical for the review: Is the lotto website LottoGiving legit? Isn't LottoGiving scam? Are there any complaints about LottoGiving fake actions or fraud schemes? Go to the page bottom to look through LottoGiving review summary if you don't want to read the whole article being too eager to start playing.  

So what backs LottoGiving legit standing? You will be offered a list of lottery sites to visit and buy the lotto tickets. LottoGiving website is a new project of Lotto Network Company earlier already engaged in charity. The website sells about 10 million tickets monthly and annually reports about €250,000,000 of income. This is what basically makes LottoGiving image trustworthy. 

Can be the positive impression of LottoGiving fake? It seems to us, no. LottoGiving website administration can be reached by phone Monday through Saturday or by email. The online support service is expected to be launched in the nearest future. You can also visit the site's account on Facebook and Twitter. LottoGiving legit status and security online is ensured by Google Safe Browsing. There is no LottoGiving scam mailing complaints. Still always be watchful, it would not take scams much effort to use the brand name LottoGiving, fake some winning notification and try to get hold of the money or personal data. 

In case you are looking for the specific charitable organization then type the company's name in the search line or select one from the list. LottoGiving allocates 26% of the overall tickets sales revenues for the charity initiatives. The payment will not be made directly at LottoGiving website, so that the options may differ from site to site. 

LottoGiving review: How does it work?

First choose the organization you would like to support. So it is advisable to visit the official website to find out more about the company's activity and the good causes your money will be used for. After that select your lottery numbers: 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 41 and 1 bonus number out of 9 possible. The draws are held two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday. After the combination is chosen proceed to the registration which won't take you too long.  

LottoGiving overall winning odds are estimated as 1 in 10. The lottery's jackpot accounts on average for £7.5 mln and requires matching 6 main numbers and the bonus number, the so-called Bonus Star. The secondary cash prize categories require matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 main numbers. Everyone matching only the Bonus Star number will receive a bonus prize. The lottery's largest jackpot of €31.7 was won in 2009.  

The registration at is completely free and it is up to every user to decide how much to spend and how many tickets to buy.

The charity organizations cooperating with Lotto Giving will receive 26% of the total ticket sales revenue. Please find below the expected monthly and yearly income depending on the sales volumes.


Number of players

Weekly bets (under condition that every players buys 2 lines £1.50 each)

Weekly income (26% of the total ticket sales)

Annual income (26% of the total ticket sales)






























LottoGiving review: Syndicates

You can buy Lotto Giving coupon for up to 104 draws or 52 weeks in advance. You can also set up a lottery syndicate to increase the winning chances. Lottery syndicate is a group of lotto fans teaming up to buy more coupons and save some money. An average player can hardly afford to buy 50 tickets at once which is still not a problem for the syndicate listing 50 members. 

LottoGiving review: Draw Results

The latest LottoGiving draw results are available at the page's bottom. To find out the previous results and prize categories click “More Results” and select the required date. 

LottoGiving review: Claiming prizes

Is LottoGiving trustworthy in terms of payments or scam and fake? There are no complaints about that. In case you are lucky to win, you will get an email or SMS notification. There will also appear a “Win” banner in the “Lotto Bet History” tab of your personal account. The prizes of up to £99,999 will be credited directly to the personal account. You will be able to set part of the winning for one or another charity organization, transfer the money to the bank and use it for the upcoming draws. To claim the winning of £100,000 and over you will have to contact the website's administrator. 

LottoGiving review: Special offers / bonuses offers a partner program for the charity organizations providing them 26% of the overall revenues from the lotto sales.

LottoGiving review summary

The above-provided review is destined to assess LottoGiving services and support players in finding answers to several important questions: Isn't LottoGiving scam? Is LottoGiving legit? Are there any negative feedbacks or complaints on LottoGiving fake actions? LottoGiving review summary bottom-lines the article to single out the main strong and weak points.
LottoGiving users have a unique opportunity to try their luck in lottery along with supporting some good causes. LottoGiving cooperates with numerous charity organization and funds such as MillWall Community, The Arsenal Foundation, FOSS, Swans Community Trust, Ridgeback Rescue, Foxes Lotto to name the few. Each player stands a chance to hit a big jackpot on average accounting for £7.5 mln. The more users play at LottoGiving the more money the will get: supposed 10,000 participants weekly buy 2 lines each; then they would generate £405,600 for charities annually. We have not found too many negative feedbacks or complaints on LottoGiving scam mailing. LottoGiving legit status is not doubted. We hope LottoGiving review summary will help you to make a right choice just taking a quick look. 


  1. user-friendly interface
  2. good causes support
  3. high jackpot