Lotto Fun Review

Take a look at Lotto Fun review with its purpose being to help players find an honest and reliable online lottery agent and avoid scammers. In our reviews we make the focus on the criteria of the utmost importance from the viewpoint of an average lottery player. For now, the status of this agent is "Not tested". There is no information concerning the average amount of monthly visits. The website was registered in 2000, or 18 years, 7 months and 16 days ago. However, it is offline at present.

More Info About the Lottery Agent
Avaliable Lotteries 2
Ticket Scan
Monthly Visits 900
Online Since 2000
Mail not specified
Deposit Methods
Online Chat
LottoFun sells lottery tickets online for
Country Numbers to Guess Additional Numbers Overall Odds Price Online Next Jackpot Action
1 from 43
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 53 SA Lotto Review
1 from 20 1 in 18 SA Powerball Review

Lotto Fun review: Background information

At the moment, LottoFun co za offers three well-known lotteries. Namely, users may play Powerbal, Lotto and Lotto Plus. Strange enough, their Game Guides are available in four languages – English, Afrikaans, Sotho and Zulu, BUT Terms of Use are only in English, which is actually the basic language of the website. An important thing to know is that the agent accepts only South African rand. LottoFun co za works with three payment methods, particularly debit and credit cards, cash deposit and EFT. Keep in mind that any winnings can only be transferred to a South African bank account. Pay attention that does not provide scanned copies of lottery tickets.

Lotto Fun review: Game options, discounts, bonuses and promotions

The agent does not offer any additional options, just a standard game-play. What is also remarkable, the agent purchases real lottery tickets, but not merely provides a betting platform. However, LottoFun co za does not offer any bonuses. As far as discounts and special offers are concerned, there is no information available at the moment as the agent is no longer online, as we have mentioned above. Finally, it is worth mentioning that players may download a mobile application for Android. As for an app for iOS, we cannot be sure whether the agent used to provide it or not.

Lotto Fun review: Legal base, contact details and security

The only way to contact the agent was their email. Still, it is not available at the moment. The site is owned and operated by Ligonda Technology & Telecoms. Along with that, we have found no information concerning where LottoFun co za is registered. The agent does not mention any details as far as their license is concerned. Strange enough, Alexa ranking for website is unavailable. Apart from this, the website is NOT secure. Finally, the agent is currently not represented on social networking websites. What we know for sure is that the agent’s focus group were locals. Even though there was no excluded list on the website, the registration involved entering a South African ID card and a South African mobile phone.

Lotto Fun review: Payment details and withdrawal process

The agent does not require players to deposit any specific amount to start playing. Since the website is no longer online, the information about ticket prices is unavailable. In particular, they take 15% flat service charge for all plays. Besides, there is banking commission for the transfer of winnings to the player’s account (although we do not know how much). As for the minimum amount of withdrawal, no information is currently available.

In the conclusion of Lotto Fun review


  1. Probably it’s a good lottery if you are South African


Our team gives a thumbs-up. The rating of LottoFun co za on the Lottoexposed review website is 1 out of 5. feedbacks of players

- I keep getting emails saying they will be online soon…….I admit I used to play with them when they were online.

- I am really waiting forward the new operator of Lotto Fun to start the online operation. The matter is that I still have a balance from the previous operator, but there is no way to contact them.

- Lotto Fun are not scammers. In 2010 I was lucky to win R263000.00. I had to go to midrand to collect the money from Gidani. Lotto Fun Director personally met me and accompanied me to Gidani. The problem, however, is that there are no news at all on their new website. Their old website used to provide regular updates and news regarding winning lottery numbers.