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French Lotto results checker online

Winning French Lotto numbers online. Loto France (French Lotto) is a very popular and very much loved by French lottery fans as it offers them a chance to try their luck three times a week. Being France first lottery it provides one of the best winning odds and prizes in the world. King Francis the First introduced lottery in France yet back in 1505. Although the medieval version of the lotto game bore a remote resemblance to the modern lottery, the Frenchmen set a precedent of winning a huge lottery jackpot 5 centuries ago. Are you ready to take your chance to become the next French Lotto millionaire? Play and check French Lotto results online. Loto France is one of few life-changing games of chance.

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French Lotto results, November 27 2021 (7 days ago):

Country France
Numbers to Guess 5 from 49
Additional Numbers 1 from 10
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 19 068 840
Next Jackpot 33940320
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How does it work?

- the lottery's minimal jackpot is set at €2 mln increasing €1 mln every new draw until it is claimed by the lucky winner*;
- 3 draws a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday;
- €2 minimal bet;
- cash prizes for matching at least 2 lottery winning numbers;
- 1 chance in 30 to get back the bet fee ** matching just 1 bonus number, the so-called Chance number;
- 3 additional options: “Compte DOUBLE”, DUO and Double CHANCE

* The minimal sum which will be split between the 1st prize winners; if there is no winner for 34 draws in a row, the prize will be granted to the winners in lower divisions.
** Bet = €2.

To play Loto France online you will have to find a lottery agent, create a personal account, fill in the registration form so that you will be able to confirm your bets. Take advantage of our online French Lotto results checker.

Playing Loto France

After choosing your French Lotto numbers in the game field of one or several tickets choose the draw day/days (Monday or/and Wednesday or/and Saturday) you wish to participate in. Your Loto bet will be multiplied by the number of chosen draws.

Note: if playing several Loto draws you opt to choose the Double CHANCE then your entries will play in one Double CHANCE draw.

You may choose to play Loto in advance for 2, 3, 4 and 5 weeks. Your Loto bet will be multiplied by the number of weeks.

If you want to play SUPER LOTO, tick the “Yes” box for SUPER LOTO.

Bets for Loto / Super Loto are accepted until it is 8.00 p.m. (UTC +2) on the draw date.

Taking part in Loto and Super Loto draws implies compliance with the game rules published in the Official Journal of French Republic. The above-mentioned points are recommendatory and are for reference only. Only the rules published in the official journal are considered authentic.
In every LOTO and SUPER LOTO, draw players have to choose 5 French Lotto numbers from the guess range of 1 to 49 and the 1 bonus (Chance) number from the guess range of 1 to 10. Winning the jackpot (guaranteed amount of €2 mln*) requires matching all the French Lotto numbers drawn. If there are several winning tickets in a draw the jackpot will be equally split between them. Cash prizes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th categories will depend on the sales revenues and the number of winners in each category.

* The minimal sum which will be split between the 1st prize winners; if there is no winner for 34 draws in a row, the prize will be granted to the winners in lower divisions.


Classic entries
To play the classic entries for €2 check off the 5 main French Lotto numbers and 1 bonus number in the corresponding game fields.

Choosing Multiple you may choose more main French Lotto numbers (6, 7, 8 or 9) and bonus (1 or more) numbers.

FLASH option
Using the so-called FLASH option you get the French Lotto numbers automatically generated for your entry.

Additional options

Loto France features two fields and 3 additional options. Check off the 5 main French Lotto numbers and the bonus number, and then choose additional options:
- Compte DOUBLE: doubles wins in case 2-5 French Lotto numbers are matched; if matching the 5 main numbers and the Chance number players win €1 mln (just for €1 per entry);
- DUO: incorporates separate numbers from the two game fields (except for the Chance number) to increase wins (additionally €2 for 2 entries);
- Double CHANCE: enables immediate participation in Loto Double CHANCE (+ €1 per entry).
Note: you will not be able to use additional options if you already use FLASH or Multiple features.

French Lotto Results checker

What is the best way to keep up with the latest French Lotto results?
You can check French Lotto results going online and visiting our web page or you may:
- find out French Lotto results in the Official lottery journal;
- watch the TV broadcast on TF1 channel on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8.35 p.m. (UTC +2).

Winning odds

After changes implemented on 6 October 2008 Loto France winning odds improved considerably. Find below the winning odds breakdown (BN - bonus number):


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + BN

0.000005 %

1 : 19,068,840



0.00005 %

1 : 2,118,760


4 + BN

0.001 %

1 : 86,677



0.01 %

1 : 9,631


3 + BN

0.05 %

1 : 2,016



0.45 %

1 : 224


2 + BN

0.69 %

1 : 144



6.25 %

1 : 16


1 + BN

3.56 %

1 : 28



5.69 %

1 : 18


Currently, it is enough to match just 1 Chance number (1 chance in 10) to win €2. That is why updated Loto France winning odds are better compared to the old version and other popular foreign lotteries such as EuroMillions for example. The Chance number is also accountable for increasing cash prizes in other categories. Players are also free to make group bets (the so-called syndicates) which hike the win rates considerably. Playing the game is easy and takes just several minutes, all you have to do is to go online, select the numbers and wait for the latest French Lotto results.

Claiming prizes

The lucky Loto France winner can claim his prize in cash tax-free. In case there are several jackpot winners the grand prize is split equally between them. All lottery prizes are to be claimed within 60 days from the draw date.

Winning online:

Prizes less than €5,000 are credited to your personal account at the lottery agent website, larger prizes are also credited to our personal account under the condition of submitting documents verifying your identity.

After confirming registration, you have to choose deposit limit from €50 to €9,999 (the default deposit limit is set at €3,000). If you are lucky to win larger prizes exceeding the limit, the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Winning over the counter:

Prizes less than €300 may be claimed in any retail outlet approved by Loto France. However, if you are lucky to win larger prizes then you will have to contact the lottery representative.

Note that according to clause L565-1 of French fiscal and monetary policy code, claiming lottery wins over € 5,000 is possible only under the condition of the winner's identity verification that is providing the ID. Take a chance to become a millionaire, take advantage of the online French Lotto results checker.