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Please find below the in-depth review of the online lottery agent LottoCards which is destined to assess the offered services and cover the operating principles. It will also touch upon the users' security and LottoCards usability. Here you will find everything you need to start playing one or several offered lotteries. Drafting the review we have been focusing both on our own experience and other users' feedbacks posted on the topical forums.


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1 from 27 1 in 24 Super Lotto Plus Review
2 from 10 1 in 26 EuroJackpot Review
2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions Review
1 from 84
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1 in 21 SuperEnalotto Review
1 from 10 1 in 6 El Gordo Review
1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

LottoCards review: General Info

If you have no time to read the whole review you can proceed to LottoCards review summary at the page bottom to find out the main pros and cons. The review will help you to answers two most important questions: Isn't LottoCards scam? Is LottoCards safe enough?

LottoCards is an international courier services buying lottery tickets and offering them online. Using these services any player from around the globe can take part in a number of the world's most popular lotteries. So how does it work? This online lottery agent has a network of local agents buying lottery tickets in one or another country. After the player pays up the ordered coupon the local agent buys the original on his behalf and downloads the e-copy to the player's personal account at Lotto.Cards

The lotteries offered by LottoCards website list European EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, America major lottos USA Mega Millions and Powerball as well as other national scale games such as El Gordo (Spain), SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto Plus (Italy), Euromiliony (Slovakia). There are totally 7 lotteries available at LottoCards

So isn't LottoCards scam? LottoCards is not an affiliate of the other lottery service, it is an independent service buying original lottery tickets and offering them online. Having branch offices in every country where it buys tickets, LottoCards is head-quartered in Slovakia. The company can also be reached by phone in UK, USA and Russia. Players from other countries can reach the support service and ask their questions using the online contact form. Prior to contacting LottoCards support service you can check the FAQ page, probably the issues you are interested in had been asked already and there is the answer.

Is LottoCards safe? According to LottoCards the users' security is guaranteed by the multi-level protection system. Any provided data is strictly confidential and will be by no means disclosed to the third parties. We have not found any complaints about LottoCards, scam related malpractices or too many negative feedbacks which is always good. Still beware of the villains, who can use the name of LottoCards, scam may use it to fake the notifications to wangle the money or personal data. Remember you can always check it in your personal cabinet.

LottoCards review: How does it work?

Visiting LottoCards website you can try luck in the world's largest and most popular lotteries from any part for the globe as it is no longer necessary to live in one or another country hosting the game. The tickets are purchased in the official retail outlets via the network of the Lotto.Cards agents. First choose one or several games you would like to participate in. LottoCards representative will buy the ticket and check off the numbers that you have chosen. The e-copy will be sent as an evidence of the actual purchase. LottoCards safe keeps the original copy.
The numbers can be selected using one of the three available options:

- own-selection: the numbers are chosen by the player manually;
- quick-selection: the numbers are automatically generated at random;
- selection from the pool of the lucky numbers reported to win the jackpot.

The selected numbers can be changed before the payment: click the “Basket”, choose the required game, click “Change”, make a new selection and pay up the purchase.
The tickets sales are closed 2-3 hours before the draw. This is the time the agents would require to buy and fill in the original coupon. The draw dates and time is scheduled by the official lottery representativeness. This and other useful info is also available at LottoCards.
Playing is easy as one-two-three. Follow the instructions and make the 3 simple steps: choose the lottery you like, select the lottery numbers and pay up the purchase. Everything else will be done by the LottoCards agent.
The lotteries at Lotto Cards are available for anyone aged 18 and over.

LottoCards review: Syndicates

Apart from the traditional format “Standard Game” players can take part in the so-called “Group Game” to increase their winning chances. The main advantage of this format is that it allows buying more tickets which in most cases is too costly for a single player. In this way you can both save some money and increase your chances to win.
The “Group Game” offers the sets of numbers which can be purchased as the participation shares (in the syndicate). Each “Group Game” is different in terms of the mathematical approach applied to increase the odds. The players are offered 2 options:

- guaranteed winning: one of the offered combinations in 1 separate draw will certainly be a winner;
- random entry selection: the set of numbers is randomly selected to save the player's trouble.

Take advantage of the Multi-draw option. Buying tickets for several draws in advance you will be provided the reasonable discounts from 5% to 20% depending on the number of draws.

LottoCards review: Draw results

The draw results of the offered lotteries are available online in the “Results” tab. They are published immediately after the draws and feature the following info: winning numbers, prize breakdown, etc. Here you can also find out the future draw dates as well as the past results.
Playing at LottoCards website you can save the trouble of checking the results yourself. In case of winning the players will be notified by e-mail while the money will be credited to their accounts at LottoCards

LottoCards review: Claiming prizes

Is LottoCards safe in terms of payments? LottoCards winners (matching one of lucky combinations) will be e-mailed a corresponding notification while the won money (except for the main prize) will be credited to their account at the website. The cabinet data is updated online so that it can be checked 7/24. To transfer the money LottoCards winners will have to sing in to the account, click withdrawal button in the left menu, choose the transfer option and follow further instructions.
LottoCards winners hitting the jackpot will be contacted personally by Lotto Cards representative to discuss the details on receiving the original ticket. As soon as you receive the winning ticket you can address the lottery operator's office to claim the money. The player's personal attendance will be required only to claim the grand prize (so that he or she will have to cover the traveling expenses).
The lottery prize can be subject to taxes depending on the legislation in force in one or another hosting country. In this way we would recommend LottoCards winners to check it themselves. LottoCards website will charge no royalties.

LottoCards review: Bonuses/Special offers

Apart from the above-mentioned Multi-draw discounts, LottoCards website yet offers no other bonuses.

LottoCards review summary

LottoCards review summary bottom-lines the services assessment which is expected to help players to answer the 2 topical questions they might be concerned about: Isn't LottoCards scam? Is LottoCards safe enough?
It is a reliable resource offering lottery tickets for the most popular and largest world lotteries. It buys tickets via the network of agents around the world. Playing at LottoCards you do not have to worry about losing your ticket as the e-copy will be downloaded to the personal account while the original will be safe-kept by the LottoCards agent. LottoCards safe multi-level protection system (128-bit SSL protocol) ensures users' privacy and personal data protection. All the tickets purchased at LottoCards are checked automatically while the lucky winners are notified by email or by phone in case of hitting the jackpot. LottoCards charges no winning royalties which is surely to the players' advantage. The cash prizes (except for the major prize) are credited automatically to the registered account. We have not found any complaints about LottoCards, scam related malpractices or too many negative feedbacks. LottoCards website runs a live chat which is really online and tackles the issues in minutes. We expect that LottoCards review summary will prove helpful for you and hope to see you among the LottoCards winners.

  1. User-friendly design
  2. Ticket scan
  3. Good high jack-pot lotteries selection
  4. Multi-draw discounts
  5. Winners notification
  6. Online support