women gambling passion

Women's gambling passion: great women gamblers and adventurers

Risk, passion, and thrilling emotions as much as gambling and online lottery are things first of all believed to be a legacy of a strong sex. But if fact many women are also taking a great interest in gambling and online lottery in particular. Some of them are recognized as legendary women gamblers.

According to the gaming industry experts, the number of women taking interest in gambling increases every year. Most of them prefer to play online lottery taking a rest between their daily job or household duties. Some choose card games other online slot or game machines. By the way, the slot machines high popularity owes to the gentle sex as they were originally designed to entertain women gamblers waiting for their male companions occupied with casino games.

However, some names survived through centuries as they were really playing for the high stakes going down into the history as legendary women gamblers. And should they lived today they would be probably known as the passionate online lottery players. Please find below several most striking stories about these extraordinary women.

A real “queen of spades”

Do you remember a “Queen of Spades” story by Russian knight of pen Alexander Pushkin? As it turns out the novel's heroine had a true-life inspiration. Russian countess Natalia Golitsyna inspired Pushkin to create an image of an old countess having a secret knowledge of the card game success, the Queen of Spades. Actually, Natalia Golitsyna was herself a legendary personality.
Yet back in her youth she was a shining figure at the balls in Moscow, London, Berlin, and Paris. In Paris, she got acquainted with the French queen Marie-Antoinette famous for her passion for gambling. It is rumored that was Marie-Antoinette who tempted the Moscow countess into gambling games. They could spend several days long playing cards and what is more interesting the bets sometimes amounted the huge fortunes like those won today by those who play the online lottery. And the luck mostly turned her back on the Russian countess.
Once gambling away a lump sum Golitsyna went to the famous French occultist Saint-Germain who opened the secret of the three sure never-losing cards. Allegedly taking advantage of the secret she managed to win everything back playing high stakes. Still after the mind-boggling success she scarcely won later, luck, as it was the case in Pushkin's “Queen of Spades” story, turned her back on the countess.

Kitty Leroy, A Wild West Legend

Over the span of her relatively short life (28 years) Kitty Leroy won fame as a knife thrower, dancer, sharp shooter, skilled card-sharper and gambler. Kitty Leroy “story” started when she was 14 and danced in the saloons of America's Wild West. In 5 years she rose to the position of a banker in this way becoming one of the professional women gamblers. She was often to the casino owners' services to blank the visitors without evoking too much suspicion. Furthermore, she made every game a real show: either acting as a gypsy or wearing a tempting dancer's costume or even man's suit. Still, her usual attribute was a gun and she was always ready to use it to stand up for herself in case something went the wrong scenario.

At the end of the 1870s, the gold rush times, Kitty Leroy opened her own saloon in South Dakota where the miners could have a rest among the charming women and try luck in gambling. Although she was the owner she from time to time used to do the ordinary job there either performing the banker's duties or dancing or even keeping company with the gamblers. She was such an extraordinary person that it could not have culminated in tragedy. Her fifth husband shot her and committed suicide after the last quarrel Kitty kicked up in her life.

Poker Queen

Lottie Deno (Carlotta J. Thompkins) is another legendary gambler, a renowned “Poker Queen”. She was born in the State of Kentucky and mastered cards in her childhood taught by her father who was a professional gambler. He used to take his daughter along to the casino where she watched the game and noticed tricks of the experienced players.

When she grew up her father died at the civil war and her mother could hardly make both ends meet. She left her small native town for Detroit in search of luck and wealth. There she became known under the imposing name Lottie Deno and got acquainted with the former horse jockey Johnny Golden and both became renowned as skilled card players. For several months they toured different cities outplaying anyone in poker.

Several months later they broke up. Lottie Deno went to Texas where she earned her daily bread gambling. She was a better off poker player than most men and managed to make banks. That is how she earned her nickname “Poker Queen”. Later the owner of a local gambling house appreciated her style and offered her a banker job. That was Frank Thurmond with whom she fell in love later.

The “lovebirds” faced a lot of challenges together: they gambled, won huge money, were implicated in homicides, fled from justice. Several years later Lottie Deno and Frank got married and promised to give up with gambling. Still, before then they managed to make a fortune playing poker. Lottie even donated money to build a church. From then on they lived a calm respectable family life.

As the story goes, women may also be successful gamblers who play the online lottery. Some take advantage of a good intuition, others of reckless courage and passion, others of magic secrets. In any case, all these stories once again prove that it is crucially important to make a timely halt not to become the hostage of gambling passion. Then luck will always smile upon you play the online lottery or any of the gambling games!