women are luckier lottery players

Are women luckier lottery players than men?

Do you happen to know world's luckiest person? No, that are not you, it is Joan Ginther who was lucky to win the lottery for four times. We do not mean that she won $10 four times. Her first lottery winning accounted for $5.4 mln. Then she was lucky to win the lottery again: 3 million dollars, 2 million dollars and finally 10 million dollars.

So is it just luck or the intervention of the supreme forces? Or maybe women are better lottery players? When it goes about high jackpots it makes an impression that women are luckier than men. Actually, there are factors determining women as better lottery players.

Winning lottery is not a matter of life and death

When it comes to lotto and winning lottery money, women are more cold-minded than men. According to a number of psychologists, men literally go mad when it comes to winning money they want more, more and more. Women, as a rule, take it easier which is often a key to success.

Size does not matter

Women are not that focused on winning lottery jackpot as men. They celebrate even small victories. Winning the jackpot is like a “bee in the bonnet” for most men. They calculate the lottery winning odds, develop their lottery winning strategies, sometimes spending on lottery tickets more than they ever won. In this respect women are more reasonable; they will rarely go to the extremes to win. They realize that these extremes may not pay off and be only for the worse. All in all, luck will hardly smile upon everyone like it was with Joan Ginther.

Women know when to say no

Numerous studies report that men are 2-3 times more prone to gambling addiction than women. Winning lottery becomes their #1 “all no nothing” priority, they stop understanding when enough is enough spending all the won money for the new lottery tickets eventually losing everything they won.

The gambling survey carried in Great Britain showed that men on average spend £3,709 annually in contrast to women spending about £2,659. Men would on average spend £94 for the online game; women would spend less, £67.

Is it all just about money?

Most men (and some women) are interested only in the lottery winning. Still, for most women, it is not all just about money. They perceive the lottery tickets as something giving hope. It gives them another reason to dream of success and the better life. They appreciate the emotional aspect and the thrill of expectation. Men are more result-focused that is why they will not be satisfied enough until they win the lottery.

Are women really luckier than men?

In fact one has to be extremely lucky to win the lottery, the strategy is pushed into the background (surely that does not concern someone rich enough to buy in as many lottery tickets to check off all the possible combinations). Are women really luckier than men? It is hard to answer the question at once as there are both cool-minded men and women flashing cash to hit the pot and vice versa.

As a saying goes: women are from Venus and men are from Mars, still, it is hard to say for sure whether sex influences one's luck in lotteries. Whatever the case we wish you luck!