woman wins lottery

A woman wins lottery - Lottery jackpot winner

It is always amazing when someone becomes a huge lottery jackpot winner. Still it is even better when a woman wins the lottery and even more just when it is won by the mother bringing up several children. It is not a secret that it is not an easy task to bring up a child, to help with education and future prospects leaving alone the large families with three or more children. Women have to bear the major burden themselves: give attention, clean the house, cook, do the laundry, educate along with making the money. Actually, this list is endless. Who deserves to win the lottery more if not women? And when the huge pot is hit by the mother of the big family it is even more pleasing! It inspires hope and proves it is never too late to start playing the lottery!

Lottery jackpot winner #1 - Marie Holmes

In February 2015 Marie Holmes watched a cartoon with her children and did not even expect she was lucky to win the lottery. She did not know she won $188 mln jackpot until the friend of hers sent her the winning numbers for the draw. The 26-years-old Marie could not believe her eyes when she checked her lotto ticket and asked her mother to double-check the lottery winning numbers. She recalls she started to cry and jump at first which frightened her children a little. When she came around she understood that was a life-changing winning which would ensure the financially secure future for her and her children; they had no longer to be worried about education and bills; they could start a new comfortable life. She was happy she could give her children everything they needed.

Marie Holmes brings up four children aged 8, 5, 4 and 2. She opted for the lump sum payment and got $87,900,000 in cash!

A woman wins lottery - Kesley Zachow

Kesley Zachow is our lottery jackpot winner #2. It is commonly believed that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Still, it was not the case with Kesley Zachow, the 25-years-old single mother, who bought the life-changing lotto ticket on Friday 13 June 2014. She was lucky to hit the astonishing $66 mln jackpot and received $27 mln in cash after taxes opting for the lump sum payment. First of all, she decided to buy the house of her dream and several cars as well as go to the round-the-world trip with her boyfriend. Along with making her dearest dreams come true, she will be able to back her and her boyfriend's (already a husband) son's education and future.

Lottery jackpot winner #3 - Thuan Le

Thuan Le, a mother of 4 children, won the lottery by chance. She used to spend 5 dollars for her lotto ticket but once she had only 6 dollars, three 2 dollars notes, and decided to spend them all not to take the small change. She spent the extra dollar for the lotto ticket and her good feeling did not lead away. That buck made her $14 mln richer! Discovering she was lucky to win the lottery jackpot she was swift to address the lottery office in California and claim the hefty sum. She bought a new house for her children and went to Vietnam to visit her relatives.

A woman wins lottery - Lacey Katona

Lottery jackpot winner #4. In March 2015, Lacey Katona won $5 mln playing a single instant lotto ticket! Being a mother of three children, she did not tell them about the winning because they were too young to understand what that meant for them, she explained. Working as a retail manager she said she wanted to continue working and did not know then how she was going to spend the money. She said she was sure that her family will live a happy life.

Winning the lottery

The news headlines like “woman wins lottery” are rather frequent so it seems that Lady Luck is indeed very well-disposed to mothers as if sympathizing them for the hard work they have to do. So that if you are already a mother, keep going forward, buy the lotto ticket. Who knows maybe this time you will be lucky to win the lottery jackpot. May luck always smile on you!