winning lottery numbers

Defining the winning lottery numbers

Many players will mostly say that choosing the lottery numbers is fairly easy. But in fact, it is not a piece of cake business. According to the lottery gurus, there is a real scientific approach to choosing the winning lottery numbers. This may go about the hot lottery numbers statistics for the certain time span. The hot lottery numbers are those drawn the most frequently. When using these data be sure not to mix up the lottery, EuroMillions results and PowerBall results, for instance. Otherwise, it may not work still it is just to one's luck.

Apart from the frequency tables, there are several other approaches to choose the winning lottery numbers. Have you ever thought that choosing your lottery numbers is not just checking them off at random?

These are several approaches to select the lottery numbers:

- delta lottery numbers approach;

- lucky lottery numbers;

- random lottery numbers generator.

Delta lottery numbers approach

This approach is the most complex one and if you are found of making calculations then it is just what you need.

Proceed as follows:

- choose a small number (3, for instance);
- choose 2 numbers between 1 and 8 (2 and 7, for instance);
- choose a number close to 9 (8, for instance);
- choose 2 numbers between 8 and 15 (11 and 13, for instance);
- write down your delta numbers (which is this case are 3, 2, 7, 8, 11, 13);
- mix them up (7, 3, 2, 8, 13, 11);
- then sum up the numbers which should not exceed the lottery matrix value (let's take 1-59 matrix, for instance). 7+3+2+8+13+11= 44, it does not exceed the 59 so everything is done correctly.

Lucky lottery numbers

Have you ever eaten the Chinese fortune cookies? The prediction note features several lucky lottery numbers which may be used for your lottery entry. On the other hand, you may use any numbers that are significant for you: birth date, street number, phone number.

Random lottery numbers generator

Some sites assure that their number generators are the most efficient ones as they are based on the hot and cold numbers statistics. It is recommended to use only the free number generators not to waste money for those allegedly using the “personal approach for every player”.

So choose the method you like and good luck to you!