why we play lotto

6 Reasons We Keep Playing Lottery

Whether you win or lose you still tend to go on playing. “Why We Play The Lottery - 6 Reasons” offers some of the most common reasons to play lotteries. In addition to the  obvious lotto players’ motives - perspectives of lottery win, there are some other arguments used by the players most often.

Availability Bias and Lottery

People just love the trustworthy success stories of those who once hit the jackpot. Availability bias and lottery are tightly connected as it’s one of the reasons why we play lottery. Examples of positive experience shape the lottery player's perception of the games of chance. “If someone can do this, I also can!” The power of false illusions fueled by the availability bias and lottery is a massive and too tempting reason to play lotteries.

Big Lottery Dream

Psychologists have always been interested why we play lottery even if we keep on failing. It is considered that one of the reasons to play lottery stems from childhood rescue fantasies or big dream. Imagine waking up unbelievably rich one day. Not bad, right? The childhood fairytales trigger the desire to chase a big lottery dream. The desire to live a better and more complete life serves as one of the lottery players' motives and that is why we play the lottery.

Lottery Enthusiast

Everybody has got some guilty pleasures whether these are some luxurious shoes, vintage books, or prime cigars. We tend to use the term “lottery enthusiast” explaining why we play the lottery. Passionate players consider a lotto game to be a minimal investment that can change their lives one day. After all, everyone has a right to have his or her outlets, and being a lottery enthusiast is one of the most innocent reasons to play lottery. 

Lottery Near Miss

When a person is too close to the win, however, still loses, there appears a ticklish feeling of a lottery near miss. At this moment, the players are governed by the false illusion that they would guess all the right number for sure the next time. This also explains why we play the lottery even if we lose a huge amount of money. The perspectives of lottery win suppress the emotions caused by the lottery near miss. Among other reasons to play lotteries, this one gives both excitement and sense of pity to the players.

Lottery Player’s Fallacy

Lottery player’s fallacy is, for sure, one of the most common reasons why we play the lottery. Some players tend to mistakenly think that the numbers, for instance, that haven’t appeared for a while would definitely occur this time. Or, let’s say, number 27 was appearing for several times in a row. The majority will pick 27 being sure that it would bring them the big win. The sweet illusion due to the lottery player’s fallacy is one of the reasons to play lottery and also one of the recurring mistakes of the players.

Lotto As Entertainment

Why we play lotteries? One of the reasons to play lottery is just because some of us treat lotto as entertainment. Lottery brings peculiar satisfaction and thrill, especially, when you can say ‘goodbye’ to your money with no regrets. There is one important rule to follow for those who want to play the lottery: do it when you can afford losing money. Lotto as entertainment is possible when you can simply enjoy the process.

There are so many variations of the lotto game while the reasons to play lottery seem to be the same for any century and country. No matter what perspectives of lottery win people have in their minds, there are six recurring factors to explain why we play the lottery. These are as follows: availability bias and lottery, big lottery dream, lottery enthusiast, lottery near miss, lottery player’s fallacy, lotto as entertainment.