unluckiest lottery winners

Unlucky lottery winners stories

What can be better than to have the luck to win the lottery big? Still, the heroes of our story are rather unlucky lottery winners than the lucky ones. Check out the few most unlucky lottery winners stories.

Unlucky lottery winners: Carl Atwood

Lottery winner killed by truck hours after discovering the winning

In January 2004, 73 years old American Carl Atwood from Elwood (State of Indiana) was lucky to win $73,500 in Indiana lottery and too unlucky to be run over by truck and die several hours later under the operation knife in the hospital of Indianapolis.

On that both happy and ill-fated evening, Carl Atwood headed the shop selling his lucky lottery ticket when suddenly a huge truck appeared from around the corner and kicked him down. Unbelievably enough, the shop was just a block from his house. “That was an ill-fated coincidence of several facts: the crossroads was not enough lighted, Carl Atwood wore dark apparel so that the driver could not spot him in time to drive off”, the local sheriff commented.

Unlucky lottery winners: William Post

The worst lottery winning scenario: win, get sued, go broke and die

Winning $16 mln in Pennsylvanian lottery in 1988 William Post or just "Bud" stated that was the worst thing to happen in his entire life. Already living later on the social allowance William Post said he wished that nightmare had never happened.

William Post was sued by a girlfriend who succeeded to get her share of his the winnings. Later his brother got arrested for employing a killer. He hoped to inherit some of William money. Other relatives picked on him until he gave consent and invested his money in their cars and fast-food business which both turned out to be money-losing. William Post was event arrested for several months after shooting at a bill collector and run into a million debts already in a year.

As he put it, he was too foolish trying to please his relatives. He went broke eventually and lived on $450 social allowance and food coupons. At the age of 65 he had a heart surgery and later died of lungs failure. “Lotteries mean nothing”, were his last words.

Unlucky lottery winners: Timothy O'Brien

Committing suicide thinking he missed playing his regulars

In 1995 a British lottery player Timothy O'Brien shoot himself thinking he missed his winning as his five-week ticket for UK's National Lottery expired just before the lucky draw he was sure would have delivered him a multi-million jackpot.

Unfortunately, but the truth is, even though the ticket with his regular numbers would have been valid, Timothy O'Brien would not have won the jackpot. His numbers did not even matched those required for the jackpot and would have delivered him just £47. Poor Timothy O'Brien.

Winning lottery twice after the prophetic dream: Mary Wollens

Life is very unpredictable. It can play a low-down trick on us in the most unexpected moment: it can first make a life-changing gift and then take away everything at once. Nevertheless, usually, our own deeds are the reasons of mishaps which could be easily avoided. Check out one of lucky rather than unlucky lottery winners stories. All was aligned well for the woman.
A lot of successful lottery players say their combinations of the lottery winning numbers used to came in dreams; after awakening the 5 or 6 numbers were as if swirling in their heads so that they used them to check off the lottery combination and eventually were lucky to win. In some cases the dreamed numbers paid the pot immediately in other cases they paid off only in years.

This is a story of Mary Wollens the 86 years old citizen of Toronto who had a dream about the Ontario lottery ticket and bill for a larger prize several days before the next draw. She thought that was some kind of a blessing and could work out so that she played the dreamed numbers and, what it even more interesting, won the lottery twice.

The point is that after purchasing the ticket with the checked off combination of numbers (she dreamed about) Mary Wollens had an extremely good feeling and the vision did not escape her mind so she resolved to buy the second ticket and played the same numbers. Some players would surely consider buying a duplicate ticket a foolish endeavor and waste of money. Still, Mary Wollen's story broke that stereotype as the two same tickets paid off a huge pot.

Even though there was a third winning ticket in that draw she received the two-thirds of the $24 mln jackpot and became $16 mln richer.