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Unbelievable lottery winners stories

Lottery is one of the most popular gambling games. Over the span of the lottery history, there were numerous interesting developments and amusing cases. We offer you several most unbelievable lottery winners stories.

Unbelievable lottery winners stories: Frane Selak

Having enough luck to escape deadly accidents including train derail, plane, and bus, crashes in addition to several car accidents, the lucky devil claims a million dollar lottery prize
This is a story about the planet's unluckiest person deceiving death several times and finally receiving a worthy remuneration for his misfortune. Frane Selak was born in 1929 in Croatia and used to work a teacher of music who became globally known for his back luck or as other may say good luck. Selak escaped a number of fatal and disastrous accidents:

- Firsts yet back in January 1962 Frane Selak was traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik by train. The fatal journey finished when the train suddenly derailed and fell into the cold mountain river leaving 17 passengers killed but for the lucky Frane who somehow reacted to jump out of the car and eventually suffered just a broken arm and several minor injuries.

- The next year he was flying from Zagreb to Rijeka when all out of sudden the plain door unsealed and was blown away. Sitting near the door Frane Selak was sucked out along. Supernaturally enough but he landed into the haystack and remained alive while the other 19 passenger remaining in the plane died.

- Later in 1966, Frane Selak was traveling by bus that got into the accident falling into the river (the story repeats itself). Frane again miraculously escaped death while the 4 other passengers were killed in that crash.

- Then in 1970 Frane Selak escape the car he was driving before it was ablaze due to the fuel pump system fault.
- Three years later the story repeated again when Frane's another car caught fire. The flame was forced through the air ducts burning out his hair but he survived again.
- In 1995 there was another bus crash he managed to survive.
- The chain of misfortunes finally ended with his last car accident in 1996 when Frane drove off the high cliff escaping the approaching truck. He jumped out the car while it was in the air and landed in trees observing his car flying another 300 feet down.

But eventually, in 2003 the Man Upstairs seemed to review Frane's case. Luck smiled upon Frane, as the Croatian lottery delivered him $1mln jackpot! "I am sure God watched me all those years harnessing the Death" Frane commented later. Frane Selak said he was known both as the "the world's unluckiest and luckiest person," and he liked the second more.

Unbelievable lottery winners stories: Arnim Ramdass

A husband concealing lottery win got googled by his wife

The story took place in 2007 when Donna Campbell spotted his husband, Arnim Ramdass, weird behavior and started suspecting him of something. Arnim Ramdass developed a habit to keep the telly switched off sometimes even disconnecting the home phone line. Donna's suspicions rose even higher when she accidentally found a leaflet about a new apartment purchase.

As it turned out Arnim's strange behavior was explained by his unwillingness to reveal winning $10.2 mln in the lottery. Donna's uncovered the secret after googling his name and lottery query. She found Florida lottery news release and proved her suspicions. Arnim Ramdass was among another airline mechanics who set up a syndicate and won the jackpot.

The syndicate opted for the one-time payment of $10.2 mln, that is, Arnim Ramdass would receive roughly $600,000 before taxation. After winning he took an absence leave from work and started the conspiracy. After he was busted he did not show up at home. Donna prepared the lawsuit papers: requiring half of the money and divorce.

Unbelievable lottery winners stories: Derek Ladner

A forgetful player mistakenly doubles his lottery prize

Derek Ladner will hardly curse his poor memory next time he forgets something. Only 57 years he suffers from his forgetfulness which nevertheless delivered him a double lottery win.

Derek Ladner and his spouse Dawn were jumping with joy when their 6 favorite and regular lottery numbers showed up in the Camelot lottery draw in 2007. They were swift to address the lottery operator to claim £480,000 of the £2,400,000 grand prize equally split between the 5 winning tickets. Incredibly enough, one week later it came to Derek that he had purchase another lottery ticket with the same combination checked off for the same draw.

His forgetfulness delivered him two-thirds of the jackpot as of 11 July and doubled the winnings to almost £ 1mln. UK Camelot lottery spokesman admitted that was the first time one player won twice in one and the same lottery draw! It is a paradox, but forgetfulness can be to one's advantage. Hadn't Derek Ladner bought another ticket, the winners would have divided the pot for 4 instead of 5 and he would get just £599,000 (which, agree, is still not that bad).