record uk lotto jackpot

Record-breaking UK Lotto jackpot scooped

The third draw of UK Lotto (operated by UK National Lottery) in the new year of 2016 turned out to be a lucky one for the two players hitting the jackpot. Taking into account that the minimal jackpot in this lottery is set at 2.5 million pounds, then the last one was really mind-boggling. Interestingly enough, the jackpot exceeded the capped value set forth by the official UK National Lottery rules by 16 mln pounds.

Three times as much

UK Lotto jackpot won on 9 January 2015 accounted for 66,070,646 pounds (about $96 mln) which was 3 times as much as the previous record of 22.6 mln pounds set 20 years ago. Even splitting the sum between the two winners the cash value of 33,035,323 pounds was still impressive and exceeded the past record level. No wonder that the winners decided not to disclose their identities for the sake of security.

UK Lotto

Over the 22 years of UK Lotto operation there had been a number of format changes implemented which didn't diminish the game's popularity in Great Britain but on the contrary enabled the above-mentioned huge jackpot. According to the old rules the jackpot couldn't grow so high. In line with the latest format amendments implemented by UK National Lottery and taking effect starting from 10 October 2015 the guess range was increased from 1-49 to 1-59 while the jackpot was capped at 50,000,000 pounds. If there is still no winner after the UK Lotto jackpot reaches the capped value then the sum will be split between the winners of the next prize category. So how could the jackpot increase to 66 mln pounds on 9 January 2015 if it was capped at 50 mln pounds, you may ask? That came in line with the high ticket sales rates accounting for 95,1 mln pounds for that particular draw. The sales revenues directly affected the total lottery prize pool.

Prizes breakdown for the draw #2092

Lottery winning numbers as for 9 January 2016: 26, 27, 46, 47, 52, 58 & 48 for the bonus ball.


Matched numbers

Number of winners

Cash value

Prize pool



£33 035 323

£66 070 646

5 + bonus ball


£64 426

£322 130



£1 309

£339 031


17 659


£2 176 485


418 225


£10 455 625


4 195 770

Free ticket

£8 391 540

UK Millionaire Raffle 1st prize


£1 000 000

£1 000 000

UK Millionaire Raffle 2nd prize


£20 000

£400 000


4 631 977


£89 155 457


The table above includes the UK Millionaire Raffle results as well. Every ticket participating in UK Lotto draw is ascribed a special combination: 12 possible colors and the 8-digit code (for instance, GOLD 5521 8325). UK Millionaire Raffle offers one £1 mln and twenty £20,000 prizes.

Notably, UK National Lottery winnings are not subject to taxation. The games are available for the British citizens aged 16 and over (18+ for the foreign players).