TheLotter jackpot winner

A lucky Iraqi player scooped Oregon Megabucks jackpot online via TheLotter

One chance in 12,271,512, say! The news about the grand jackpot winners in one or another country around the globe is no longer something surprising. The main intriguing thing is the size of the main prize so that the really huge or the record-breaking jackpot winning can create the media frenzy. Interestingly enough, the current world's lottery jackpot record was set by USA Mega Millions. The $656 mln pot was won on 30 March 2012 by the three lucky players from Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. Still, it is worth mentioning one of the recent news.

On 1 December 2015, a man came to Oregon Lottery headquarters in Salem and presented the $6.4 mln jackpot winning ticket. That was the citizen of Baghdad who decided to remain anonymous for the sake of security. Interestingly enough, according to the US lottery rules the winners are obliged to disclose their personality. Still accounting the fact that the winner was a foreigner, the lottery operators made an exception.

Even the impossible is possible

According to the TheLotter jackpot winner, the lucky lottery ticket was purchased on the draw date of 24 August at the online lottery website TheLotter. He used the mentioned service to try luck in the international games. It took him a while to come around after TheLotter agent broke the happy news. During the next months, he was organizing the trip to the USA which was rather painstaking accounting the current situation in Iraq and the relations between the two countries. Oregon Megabucks winners have a year in their disposal to claim the winning so that the TheLotter jackpot winner from Iraq had yet plenty of time to get his money.

TheLotter jackpot winner thanked the site's team for the professional assistance in organizing that trip. He also mentioned a surprising and pleasant fact that he was charged no winning royalties or any other fees by TheLotter. Choosing from the two possible prize claiming options TheLotter jackpot winner opted for the 25 years annuity. In this way, he will get $158,700 (€144,680) annually after the taxation. To ensure maximal security the company helped him to open an account in one of the Oregon banks and credited the first payment.

Online lotteries – Real millions

This case once again proves that any player from around the globe can hit the lottery jackpot playing online as well as receive the winning using the services of the reliable lottery agent. TheLotter has set an example of the high-quality lottery services. Having offices in more than 10 countries worldwide, TheLotter offers an opportunity to try luck in the most popular top-jackpot international lotteries. The company's operating model is clear and transparent. Even the organization of trip from Iraq to the USA in not a big problem for TheLotter. Check out our TheLotter review.