TheLotter winners

A player from Ukraine becomes one of $1 million TheLotter winners!

“I won this prize…then a week later I had a birthday!”

Who wouldn’t dream to say these words one day? Double congratulations to Nataliia, a 24-year-old woman from Ukraine who has recently become one more MegaMillions winner! Want to know more?

Nataliia bought her lucky ticket on the website of theLotter, a reputable lottery provider allowing its customers to purchase official lottery tickets from all over the world. According to the list of theLotter winners, Nataliia is their latest millionaire who has been playing with them for two years. As you already know, she managed to win $1 million playing Mega Millions!

What were the Mega Millions results?

There is one interesting thing – Nataliia is actually the second-prize MegaMillions winner. To be more precise, she has correctly guessed five main numbers: 1, 10, 57, 66, and 75. Had she also matched the Mega Ball, 4, she would become the first-prize MegaMillions winner and receive $15 million. By the way, if you check Mega Millions results of that particular draw on 26 September 2017, you will see that there actually was one more second prize MegaMillions winner, which once again proves that everyone has a chance to win when playing online!

How is she going to spend the jackpot?

So how to spend the Mega Millions jackpot? This is probably the question any of us would love to face one day. Nataliia told she was quite surprised to receive two calls saying that she happened to become one of theLotter winners. In fact, she even thought this was a joke! We can only imagine how happy and amazed she was when she understood that it wasn’t! So how is she going to spend her winning? “I have three mortgages and I just want to pay them off so I don't have to pay them every month,” that’s what she replied to theLotter representative in her interview. And of course, she has probably had a fantastic birthday party!

How exactly did she win?

As mentioned above, Nataliia has been playing for about two years. From the very beginning she has set a Subscription in order to make sure she would not miss any of Mega Millions draws, including the one that brought her $1 million prize. Apart from Mega Millions, she has subscribed to Powerball too. An interesting thing is that she generally did not use any specific numbers like many other players do, just the Quick Pick option. At the moment of winning, Nataliia has been the Gold Level VIP player and was enjoying the 7.5% discount on all entries. What is more, she was receiving every 10th ticket for free as a bonus from the Subscription. To put it shortly, Nataliia indeed knew how to join the ranks of theLotter winners!

Why did she choose theLotter?

Why did Nataliia choose theLotter among the variety of other lottery providers? Because of its clear and easy-to-follow rules, as she replied. We would dare to assume that the statistics of theLotter winners was an important factor too. After all, she is the fifth $1 million winner at theLotter, not to mention theLotter winners of the first category prizes! What a combination of luck and determination! Good luck to all players and may Mega Millions results make you happy one day!