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Retired Panamanian Woman Wins $30 mln Jackpot

One year ago Aura D. from Panama would not even assume that playing lotteries online could bring her any considerable benefit. Quite recently, however, she has faced one challenging issue which is common for many Florida Lotto winners  – how to spend the $30 million Florida Lotto jackpot she has won with TheLotter. Curious to hear the story of one of the biggest TheLotter winners? 

Prior to the draw, Aura D. needed to keep working in spite of her retirement age in order to take care of her family. Now, being one of Florida Lotto winners, she can afford to leave the job and have a rest. Such groundbreaking changes in this woman’s life are not accidental. The matter is that she has once read an article about a woman who has won the first prize in a Scottish lottery. It inspired  Aura’s interest in lotteries and soon after this she decided to sign up on, an international service helping players to buy tickets online. Amazingly, but she won Florida Lotto jackpot just a couple of months after the registration! Right after this, she went to Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee to claim her prize.

Florida Lotto winners: Hard beginnings make good endings

Having signed up on and carefully learned all the information about Florida Lottery, Aura D. decided to try playing in one month’s each draw with the following numbers –  3, 10, 20, 29, 35 and 50. At the very beginning, she had no luck at all. Even though this was quite disappointing, this chain of misfortunes did not stop Aura. She kept playing and did not want to change her numbers. And suddenly, on August 18, her telephone rang. A representative of TheLotter informed Aura that she had become the lucky winner of $30 million and one of the biggest TheLotter winners! Words fail to describe her happiness. This was her chance to quit the job and live for herself. What is especially remarkable, there were no more Florida Lotto jackpot winners so Aura did not have to share her prize with anyone. In such a way, a retired Panamanian woman became one of multi-millionaire TheLotter winners and received an opportunity to take care not only about her children, but about her grandkids as well.

Subscription increases winning chances 

In order not to buy separate tickets before each Florida Lotto draw, Aura D. decided to set a subscription. In other words, she was automatically taking part in all the draws. Quite possible, that’s exactly what became her key to success as she would not win anything if she had missed that particular draw. In such a way, we do recommend to pay attention to subscriptions offered by TheLotter. You may find the detailed description in TheLotter review on our site. This option indeed increases your chances to be included into Florida Lotto winners list!

How to join Florida Lotto winners list 

At the moment, Aura D. from Panama belongs to the list of the greatest TheLotter winners. Would you like your name to be included into this list as well? After all, you too have a chance to become one of Florida Lotto jackpot winners. In order to win the first prize, you will need to guess six numbers from 1 to 53. Pay attention that Florida Lotto offers rollover jackpots and what is more, there is no rollover cap.
Even though Florida Lotto winning odds may seem to be miserable (1:22,957,480), Aura’s story proves that everyone does have a chance to join Florida Lotto winners list. Just don't give up before you try and become one of TheLotter winners!