super lotto plus jackpot

$63 mln Super Lotto Plus jackpot

$63 mln California Super Lotto Plus jackpot winning ticket turned into the useless piece of paper last Thursday. That was because the lucky jackpot winner failed to meet the prize claiming deadline. The holder of Super Lotto Plus jackpot-winning ticket had at his or her disposal 180 days from the draw as of 8 August 2015 to claim the prize. The lottery operator even made a public call to urge the winner to claim the prize till 5 p.m. on Thursday (4 February 2016). Even despite all the media hoopla, the potential winner did not appear.

California Super Lotto Plus winner

Surely enough, this story with the cherished $63 mln raised a controversy. Brandy Milliner from LA, states he had filed a prize claim as well as other documents to the California lottery commission on Wednesday morning – that is in time – and had been even sent the congratulatory letter from the commission stating that the money will be paid out in 6-8 weeks. Still, the commission refused to pay out the prize later stating that they sent similar letters to every prize claimant even before the ticket was acknowledged to be the winning one.

The unclaimed California Super Lotto Plus jackpot urged a lot of lottery players to check their tickets once again. That was what Ocean Marciano, the 40 years old music producer from Sherman Oaks, did. He is a regular lottery player, still, he hardly ever checks his tickets keeping them at home. Learning about the Super Lotto Plus winner failing to claim the jackpot, he spent several hours searching, sorting and checking all the tickets he had at home to find the one for the mentioned draw. Tired of the endeavor he grabbed all the tickets and run to the closest lottery shop to check them there. As luck may have it Marciano did not appear to be the lucky California Super Lotto Plus winner. At least he put his apartment in order and made it a rule for himself to check all the lottery tickets he bought.

California Super Lotto Plus jackpot

There is no Super Lotto Plus winner acknowledged and the $63 mln jackpot will be used to fund Californian schools in the coming quarter. In this way, we can say that every of thousands of schoolchildren in California became Super Lotto Plus winner. The unclaimed money investment in the future generation development is the best investment possible in this situation.

Claiming Super Lotto Plus jackpot

This multi-million jackpot is the largest unclaimed lottery grand prize in the history of the State of California after $28.5 mln prize announced canceled and won in the draw as of 10 September 2003 by the ticket sold in San Lorenzo. It is worth mentioning that the unclaimed lottery prizes are not that rare. Still, it is not that hard to secure yourself from such vexing situations. Playing lotteries online via the reliable online lottery services you will save the trouble of visiting the retail outlets to buy the tickets as well as check the results yourself. You will be sent the winning notifications while the tickets will be safe-kept by the agent assuming all the related responsibilities.