online lottery scams

7 ways to track down online lottery scams

Probably you have heard numerous stories about the lottery scams and read some tips on how not to buy into their tricks. More likely they were as follows: be watchful, do not sent your money to anyone you are not sure of, delete the suspicious letters, do not follow the received links and do not download anything to your computer. And what about tracking down the online lottery scams? Haven't heard anything about that, then please find below some handy tips on how to do that.

#1 Gathering general info

First ask yourself: “What do I know about the online lottery scams trying to cheat out your money? Do I know their names and contacts (usually, no)? Is there Skype or emailed conversation log saved on my computer?

#2 Searching extra info

The online lottery scams will surely not provide genuine contact information. Still, do not upset, there is a way to continue tracking them down. The scam contacting you used the certain alias which you can successfully google: type the “[Name] scam” or “[Name] complaints” query.

#3 Finding out IP or phone number

If you did not find any negative comments or complaints, you may go to WhitePages. Type the scam's alias and explaining the reason ask the site's administrator to provide his IP. In case you have one you may go to to get the IP user data which may also feature the phone number.

#4 Forums

Visit some lottery forums and follow the online lottery scams topics (at, for instance).

#5 Requesting your money back

In case you were unlucky to give the online lottery scams you money, do not upset too much. There is a chance to get them back. Now it is time to be patient, hard and self-confident. You have to make the scams know you have evidence against them and to threat that you will make numerous negative feedbacks in the reputable related forums (such as, for instance) or even sue them. This should work out; they will regret they tried to cheat you.

#6 Be watchful about the emails

In case you receive an email asking you to go to some site to confirm you bank card data, first study the email box address thoroughly: the Bank of America address, for example, should finish with @bankofamerica and not @xxxbankofamerica. So if you have received the scam email then just google the word “xxx” before the company's name. If you have found the site, go to domain tools site, enter the spotted site in the search line and get the hosting. Go to that address and claim that the spotted site owners are online lottery scams and ask for the personal info. Then you may go to, type the site's name to get the IP address. Return to the home page of this site and type the received IP address. In this way, you may track down the actual location of the scams and pay an unexpected visit.

#7 If nothing worked out and you failed to find any information about the online lottery scams and get your money back, file a complaint to forewarn others.