online lottery scams

Online lottery scams

In the modern age of the high-paced technological development Internet and various mobile gadgets become commonplace for more generations. Currently, it will be a rather painstaking task to find someone unaware of the Internet who didn't use it at least once in life. Day by day the Web offers the new opportunities for communication, shopping, finances and entertainment including the online lottery segment. Very frequently the Internet users forget that the new opportunities may pose new threats. This can go about the numerous online scams which no longer have to step over your doorstep to cheat on you. According to the related statistics, the elderly people are those who mostly buy into the scam tricks even despite the more extensive life experience. Nevertheless, even the most pragmatic people can become the victims of the online scams.

Online lottery scams: the elderly are at the scams' “gunpoint”

The grandchildren are usually those who give the idea to buy the computer and get it wired to the global web for their grandparents. They will present and talk up the new opportunities and convenience the Internet users receive as well as create the email boxes to facilitate communication between their relatives. But rather rarely they mention the online “pitfalls”. The scam lottery emails notifying about the huge winnings in one or another popular lottery are commonplace today. The “foxy” messages read that you are the lucky lottery winner who will get the prize first depositing a certain sum. This is one of the countless tricks. Remember, usually, the scam lottery emails are about winning the lotteries you did not even play.

Online lottery scams: busting the scam lottery emails

Busting the scam lottery emails is as a rule not that hard. Predominantly these emails are drafted using the similar templates. The subject and the first sentence congratulate the “lucky” addressee with the huge lottery winning. Their primary objective is to make you believe that the money is already yours. If you were unlucky to receive the potentially scam lottery emails be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:

1) Form of address

Dear Sir or Madam... These emails will never address you personally, mentioning neither your first nor second name, for how they can know it! It is usually a database list mailing rather than the direct mailing. The winning notification email from the real lottery agent would address you personally.

2) Scam lottery emails addresses

Receiving the similar messages from such free email services as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc. be sure it is a bluff. Sometimes it can closely resemble the real lottery company name. In such a case try this: replace the @ sing with HTTP:// and try to get to the website. If it returns the error then it is fake.

3) Pay to get

If you are asked to pay first to get the prize then do not waste time to think it over, it is a fraud. Irrespective of the money you are asked to give first, do not buy into it, it is a scam trick. No real lottery agent will ask you that. The same goes for the credit card or the bank account data!

Don't become the online lottery scam victim!

There are several keywords found in the lottery scam emails. There are online resources providing the complete list of these phrases, so feel free to check them out! We hope the story will help you to bust the online lottery scams!