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USA Powerball winner news: $1 mln US Powerball prize won at TheLotter

The record Powerball jackpot of 1.5 billion dollars raised the unprecedented interest to the American lotteries around the globe which correspondingly hiked the demand for the online lottery services. And there is a good reason for that as it is the easier way for the players to access the foreign lotteries. Using one of the popular online lottery services, TheLotter, a lucky player from El Salvador won the second USA Powerball prize. He was lucky to match the 5 main Powerball numbers and could have possibly won two times more using the Power Play option. The mentioned draw and other Powerball results are archived at the lottery review page at the site.

USA Powerball winner from El Salvador got $1 mln

The record Powerball jackpot of $1.5 bn will remain in the United Sates of America, all the three tickets winning the record Powerball jackpot were purchased by the US citizens. There is no way to tell yet how much USA Powerball cash will leave the States, still, the second US Powerball prize of 1 mln dollars will go to El Salvador to the 73-years-old retired player who won it using TheLotter online lottery services (TheLotter review). As he put it, he had never played the lottery before until learning about the record Powerball jackpot. He decided to follow his father's advice who used to urge him to take it easier and try his luck at once. He bought three tickets and one delivered him the impressive US Powerball prize. Now he is getting ready to go to the USA after TheLotter agent broke the happy news that he became USA Powerball winner and will receive $1 mln. As the US Powerball winner told the press now his family's dream to visit the States will come true.

This is not the only US Powerball winner

Due to the quality online lottery services the more players from around the globe take their chance to play and win the popular foreign lotteries. American lotteries are the most demanded ones as recently the number of players buying tickets and receiving prizes from TheLotter has increased considerably. The largest lottery prize paid out by TheLotter was won in US Oregon Megabucks. Moreover, one of the lottery syndicates registered at TheLotter was lucky to win big in the draw as of 13 January 2016 and would receive the secondary Powerball prize. Earlier on 9 January 2016, another Powerball winner from Australia playing at TheLotter received $50,000. Buying lottery tickets from the reliable online lottery services you will get the won prize guaranteed. For the time being TheLotter has paid out some $43 mln in prizes, and what is more important, tax-free. Every player stands the same chance to win, all he or she has to do is to buy Powerball tickets online

$43 mln are already paid out, maybe the next time you will also be lucky!