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At last! The mind-boggling $1.5bn Powerball jackpot hit at last

The long-awaited US Powerball jackpot winning numbers were finally made public. Without any exaggerations, the Powerball draw as of 13 January 2016 made it a history with the record-breaking $1.5bn Powerball jackpot scooped. Powerball jackpot winning numbers were as follows: 04, 08, 19, 27, 34 and 10 for the bonus number.

How many Powerball winners will split the jackpot?

According to the presently available information there were three Powerball jackpot winning tickets registered. They were sold in the States of Florida, Tennessee and California (the city of Chino Hills). The data on the other Powerball winners is to be announced in the course of the next several hours.

How much will the Powerball winners get?

According to the official rules, the jackpot will be equally split between the Powerball winners which can opt between the lump sum and the annuity payment options. Still in any case they will have to pay the corresponding taxes in line with the US legislation. The taxation rates differ from state to state, while the federal tax for the lottery winnings accounts for 25% of the won sum (for every state) and is deducted before the lucky winner gets the money. The local state taxes will be deducted at the end of the financial year. Generally the total taxation rate on the lottery winnings will not exceed 39.6% of the sum. In this way after receiving the happy news the winners will have to open their wallets wide.

Powerball jackpot frenzy

The mind-boggling Powerball jackpot raffled as a part of the recent draw will be long remembered by the lottery fans worldwide. Sure thing! Many people never playing the lottery even once in their life resolved to take a chance and buy the cherished ticket which could pay off the heap of money and correspondingly the trouble-free life. A lot of Americans spent hours in the queues to buy the tickets and try their luck while the number of the online players was so big that some online lottery agents had to cease sales before the Powerball draw failing to manage the inflow of customers. We do hope that all the lottery players received the won prizes or at least pleasure from participating in the history-making Powerball draw. The past Powerball results archive is available at the lottery review page.
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