Powerball jackpot

$429 mln Powerball winners: the Smith family

The Smith family from New Jersey has a solid reason to celebrate. The mother and her 7 adult children were extremely lucky to scoop a huge pot in one of the most popular American games of chance Powerball lottery now rightfully pretending to the title of America's luckiest family. As they stated during the press conference at the lottery headquarters in New Jersey, the divine intervention was the only reasonable explanation of their success. Interestingly enough, they did not use any significant dates but deliberately chose one combination that came to the Smith family head in a dream.

Powerball winners: the numbers came in a dream

Pearly Mae Smith is a preacher in of Trenton's local church and is not a regular lottery player. Still, she was swift to play the “godsend” numbers and her feeling did not let her down. The 70-years old mother bought the life-changing tickets in the neighboring c-store in Trenton. We can only imagine her exhilaration when she discovered they were the single-ticket Powerball winners. Usually, such big jackpots are shared by several lucky Powerball winners. Still, this story is an exception. Now the happy Smith family can make the dearest dreams come true.

6 bucks returned Powerball jackpot

The Powerball winners spent just $6 namely for two tickets ($2 each) and PowerPlay option ($1 per ticket). The mentioned option allows increasing the won prizes (except for the jackpot) by the corresponding coefficient (randomly drawn every raffle). The combination was played in two different draws and proved to be a winning one during the second try, the draw as of 7 May. The first try was losing, there was only one ball matched, which was not enough even for the last prize category.

NJ Powerball jackpot record

The $429 million dollars Powerball jackpot was listed the 6th biggest lottery pot won in the USA and set the absolute record on the territory of the State of New Jersey. As it was mentioned above that was the single ticket win as none of other players was the same way lucky to match 6 winning numbers and hit Powerball jackpot. According to the lottery officials, this Powerball jackpot will be paid out as a lump sum and will account for $204,480,000 after the taxes. Please find the review of US jackpot sizes across the States (including Powerball jackpot) below:


USA Powerball jackpots


The family Smiths future plans

Before claiming the money and giving consent for the press-conference the Powerball winners applied for the professional legal and financial advice as well as contacted the previous Powerball winners. The prize will be equally shared between the Smith family members which by the way decided to make a 10% donation for the church. As for the future plans, they said they would just enjoy life.

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